Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 485

Chapter 485 A Girl With Wild Ambitions

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Lin Wanwan laughed and immediately waved her hands. "No worries. Its not as if this washroom is for my personal use only."

She probably found Lin Wanwan to be approachable, unlike the other celebrities who became almighty and superior once they were famous. She immediately relaxed.

"The program team will arrange for a game that is related to the performance later. Ill play an ancient concubine then and have two lines."

Lin Wanwan understood it immediately. "Its just a game and doesnt test acting skills. You dont have to practice to this extent."

The girl shook her head. "King of Limits is the most popular variety show in the country. Its rare for me to be chosen by the director, and I can reveal my face here. I have to seize this opportunity. If someone from any production team fancies me and is willing to give me an opportunity to audition for a small role, I would be satisfied."

Her tone was calm and her eyes were burning. She didnt hide her wild ambition to be famous.

A trace of appreciation flashed past Lin Wanwans eyes. She had always appreciated newbies who had wild ambitions and were thoughtful.

"Ill take the liberty to ask you. What is your name?"

"Gu Yien."

"Why does this name sound a little familiar"

Lin Wanwan used her extraordinarily retentive memory and flipped open the database in her mind. "I remember now. Youre the Zuo Xiaoyu who helped the killer as a false witness in chapter three of Reapers Mask.’"

"Its me." A grateful smile appeared on Gu Yiens face for being recognized. "Im really very happy that Ms. Lin still remembers me. However, you definitely dont know that we are fated in another way."


"Im also a Year 3 student from the Imperial Capital High School. I even asked for your signature before."

Lin Wanwan blinked. If that was the case, they were indeed fated.

"Youre enrolling into the Imperial Capital Film Academy too?"

Gu Yien nodded. "Yes. If I pass the arts examination, we would even be schoolmates for four years."

At this moment, an anxious voice sounded from outside the corridor. "Gu Yien, why are you not out yet? Its your turn soon!"

"The assistant directors calling for me. Ill get going first."

Gu Yien flashed Lin Wanwan an apologetic smile. She lifted her long skirt with both hands and was about to leave.


Under Gu Yiens puzzled gaze, Lin Wanwan smiled lightly.

"Do you mind exchanging numbers with me?"

At first, Gu Yien was stunned. Then, she seemed to have realized something and her eyes shone fiercely.

"Im willing, Im willing! Its my honor!"

Lin Wanwan smiled lightly. Not only did this girl have wild ambitions, but she was also pretty smart.

Both of them exchanged numbers. Amidst the anxious urging, Gu Yien left in a hurry.

Looking at her back as she left, Lin Wanwan was in deep thoughts.

She was like her in her previous and current life. She didnt sign any contract with any agency and had climbed up step by step with her own and Si Hans help.

After she achieved the title of a famed actress, she had planned to expand her fame to other countries while establishing her own studio and team to recruit all the potential newbies, gradually expanding it in scale.

However, she had passed away before she could realize these plans. However, it was not too late to start all over again.

Gu Yien had wild ambitions, was impulsive, and wasnt stupid. Although her acting skills were still tender, she was much better compared to the other Little Fresh Meats and bimbos who had relied on their looks to become famous.

She was willing to give such a newbie an opportunity to climb upwards.

If Gu Yien was willing to follow her in the future, it could be regarded as a kind of upfront investment in talent.

If she was unwilling, she wouldnt force her as well. She would just treat it as her doing good.