Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 486

Chapter 486 Exposed Relationship

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A series of knocks on the door coupled with the female editors voice sounded. "Wanwan, are you in there? The recordings about to start."

"Wait for a while, Ill be over soon!"

As the filming went smoothly, an episodes worth of filming was completed in a day.

Lin Wanwan was about to leave when suddenly, Cai Wenjia, who was sitting by the side playing with his mobile, ran over. He smiled ambiguously.

"Sister Wanwan, youre a little unkind. You already have a boyfriend but still refused to tell us. Do you not treat us as friends?"

Lin Wanwan was confused.

Who was this boyfriend Cai Wenjia was referring to? Was it Lu Zhanbei?

How did he know?

Cai Wenjia seemed to have sensed her puzzlement. He handed his mobile over to her.

"Take a look for yourself."

A Weibo micropage was displayed on the mobile screen. Lin Wanwan swept over the contents and she raised her eyebrow.

"Breaking news: Popular starlet Lin Wanwan hugged and kissed a mysterious man intimately!"

A famous paparazzi had posted this article. It was accompanied by a high-definition photo.

In the photo, Lin Wanwan stood under a tree. Her exquisite profile was completely unobstructed.

A slender man stood in front of her. As he hugged her waist with one hand, his thin red lips landed on her forehead. The whole image looked very intimate.

Although half of the mans face was blurred because of the angle, she could immediately recognize that this was the scene when Lu Zhanbei had sent her to the filming location that day!

Damn! There were actually reporters waiting in ambush there!


Thinking of how cautious Lu Zhanbei was every time he traveled, Lin Wanwan immediately rejected this speculation.

She bit her tooth and continued to read the article.

Once the news was out, many people were shocked.

As the queen of topics in the eyes of the public, Lin Wanwans personal life, especially her love life, was always being paid attention to.

However, no matter how the media tried to dig up information, they never managed to dig anything up.

Now that this kissing photo was exposed, regardless of whether they were Ball fans or other passersby, none of them could be bothered with Su Maner anymore. All of them rushed to Lin Wanwans Weibo and wanted the truth.

"Lin Wanwan, have you forgotten about Tang Chen?"

"This man must be super handsome. Look at that body, that facial contour, and that hand oh my. Which paparazzi had taken this photo? Couldnt it have been taken clearer? Bad rating!"

"I remember now! Ball had attended a party previously and there was a photo of her being carried away. The man who was carrying her then looked very similar to this man!"

"My heart is aching for Tang Chen! Hahaha."

As Lin Wanwan read these comments, her face darkened in silence.

"Teacher Cai, I still have something on. Ill get going first!"

Lin Wanwan handed the mobile back to Cai Wenjia. She turned around and ran. After running for a distance, she could hear everyone joking faintly.

She gritted her teeth and called Lu Zhanbei.

When the call got connected, Lu Zhanbei did not get the chance to say anything as Lin Wanwan interrupted him. "Where are you right now?"

"Yun Mansion."

"Ok, Ill come find you. Dont go anywhere!"

Hearing the mobile static noise from the receiver, Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes slightly.

She spoke very loudly. Even Gu Mo, who was by the side, could sense the anger in her tone.

"Ms. Lins angry?"


"What shall we do now?"

Lu Zhanbei leaned against the chair casually. "You go out first. What will happen later might be a little inappropriate for kids."

Gu Mo: ""

Could it be that Sir wanted to use his initial suggestion and do it several times, wrapping Lin Wanwan around his finger?