Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 488

Chapter 488 Its Tough Coaxing A Boyfriend

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Facing her unprecedented confession, Lu Zhanbei lowered his head to hide the fleeting glimmer of light in his eyes.

Lin Wanwan immediately took this look to mean that he didnt believe what she said.


Lin Wanwan was about to apologize when Lu Zhanbeis slender index finger was pressed onto her lips.

He gave her a low shush, as if compromising. Then, he sighed.

"Dont ever apologize to me. No matter what you do, I will never blame you."

He hugged Lin Wanwan with one hand and buried his face in her shoulder.

"I only want to tell you that in front of you, Im just a normal man. I will be jealous and envious. Because of you, I can do all sorts of irrational things, and even become someone unlike me."

At this moment, Lin Wanwan felt guiltier.

Indeed, she had neglected Lu Zhanbeis feelings too much.

Although she had always understood Lu Zhanbeis feelings for her, as he was too perfect and excellent at devising strategies, everything seemed to be under his control.

He was like an almighty and flawless king.

Thus, she naturally felt that Lu Zhanbei could digest everything.

Lin Wanwan wrapped both her arms around his skinny waist. She rubbed her face against his chest.

"Its my fault for neglecting your feelings. I promise there wont be a next time, ok?"

Lu Zhanbei did not say anything.

Lin Wanwan bit her lip and clasped her hands tightly together. Her face revealed a pleasing smile, and she said in a sweet voice, "Dont be angry anymore. Please, please~"

Lu Zhanbei still remained silent.

Lin Wanwan was already scratching her ears and cheeks in her heart.

What do I do. Even acting cute doesnt work anymore

She had never been in a relationship before and didnt know what to do upon encountering such problems. She could only rack her brains to think back on how Lu Zhanbei had coaxed her when she was angry in the past.

"Lu Zhanbei!" Lin Wanwan called him.

As Lu Zhanbei lifted his head, she tip-toed, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him hard on the lips!

As she was shy, she closed her eyes and missed the hint of victory that flashed past the mans eyes.

Their lips were stuck on each other for a long time, and neither made the next move.

His indifference led to Lin Wanwan making up her mind. She learned his past rhythm and used the tip of her tongue to pry open his lips with amateurish movements.

In the beginning, Lin Wanwan was still somewhat cautious. After seeing that Lu Zhanbei eventually never cooperated, her temper flared and she gradually deepened this kiss.

Although her reckless actions were not methodical, they immediately ignited the most primitive flame deep down in Lu Zhanbeis heart.

Seeing that he wouldnt respond even after a long time, Lin Wanwan was both tired and dejected.

She was about to let go of him and try another method of coaxing when Lu Zhanbei lifted his right hand and clasped the back of her head, reversing their roles.


This kiss came quickly and urgently. Lin Wanwan did not have time to respond and she subconsciously made noise.

Lu Zhanbei lifted her and got both her legs to wrap around his waist with a silent command.

Lin Wanwan was charmed by the kisses and was subconsciously manipulated by him.

Lu Zhanbei pinned her firmly down to a corner of the sofa. His hands, which didnt know their place, started to move along the lines of her legs.

Every subtle movement was flirtatious. He left traces of himself emphatically on her body.

Under the double attack, the strength of Lin Wanwans struggle gradually became weaker. She fell softly into his arms.

"Lu Lu Zhanbei stop I I wont dare to anymore"

Lu Zhanbeis movements were more explicit, as if he wanted to eat her alive.

She didnt expect that a man would be so scary when his jealousy had acted up. It was terrible!