Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 489

Chapter 489 The Scheming King Won Completely

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Lin Wanwan was already prepared to lose her virginity. It was just that it was, after all, their first time. Couldnt they do it on the bed?!

Lin Wanwan pushed him and was about to let him carry her to the bed.

Suddenly, Lu Zhanbei stood upright and released his hold on her skirt.

"Ok, Im not angry anymore. Go be busy with what you have to do."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Eh? Hadnt this topic jumped a little too quickly?

Lin Wanwan, whod shrank herself in a corner of the sofa, crossed a hand over her chest. The red on her face was still visible, and she looked at him in confusion.

This expression was simply too adorable, and there were signs of recovery for Lu Zhanbeis strongly suppressed desire.

He took a deep breath. Even though his body was about to explode, his expression was still lightly controlled. It was just that the slight sweat on his forehead revealed the forbearance at that point in time.

He squatted down and put on Lin Wanwans high heels for her again.

After doing everything, he saw that she had not yet recovered herself.

Lu Zhanbei teased, "Still reminiscing?"

Lin Wanwan blushed. She flew into a rage out of humiliation, stood up, and adjusted her clothes.

"Im leaving!"

She stomped to the door. She could not help but turn her head.

"Lu Zhanbei, youre really not angry anymore?"

"Im not angry."

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. Regardless of whether it was the facial expressions or the speaking tone, they were exactly the same as before. It was as if that man who had lost control because of jealousy wasnt him.

Lin Wanwan was puzzled. Didnt his temper subside a little too quickly?

She did not know why but she had a very strange feeling in her heart. It was as if shed fallen into a hole again.

She hadnt figured it out after a long time. In the end, she could only attribute it to Lu Zhanbei having been satisfied, and thus, deciding to let her off.

"Then Im leaving."


When she finally disappeared from his sight, Lu Zhanbei laughed lightly. He could not hide the joy inside him.

It was fake that he flared up, but true that he wanted some benefits from her.

However, he was not exactly putting on an act with those words.

Just like how Lin Wanwan felt that Lu Zhanbei was an omnipotent god

To Lu Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan was a strong career-minded woman. Her negligence at times would inevitably cause him to worry about personal gains and losses.

Thus, he wanted to hear the truth from her.

Ding dong

The mobile sounded with a notification.

Lu Zhanbei dug out his mobile and saw that Lin Wanwan had just posted a new Weibo message.

Lin Wanwan: "I have to admit that that photo is real. Hes not someone from the entertainment circle, and its not convenient to disclose his identity. I hope everyone can give us some personal space. Thanks."

Once Lin Wanwans Weibo post was out, it attracted countless fans and netizens to discuss about it. Very quickly, the comments exceeded ten thousand.

"Is our Ball going to be in a relationship when she had just turned eighteen years old? Ive watched her from when she was an unknown passerby fighting on until now. I suddenly have this feeling that Im marrying my daughter off. However, I still wish her all the best. Regardless of who you choose to be with, Ball fans will always be your strongest backing!"

"I feel heartache for Tang Chen every day you still have us!"

Compared to all kinds of comments on Lin Wanwans Weibo, Tang Chens Weibo was full of heartaches.

Not too long later, Tang Chen also posted a Weibo message. There was only a photo in the content.

It was the same photo wherein Lu Zhanbei was kissing Lin Wanwans forehead. However, Tang Chen had changed Lu Zhanbeis profile to his frontal face. There was even a line of words accompanying the photo.

This was the original image.

Once the Weibo message was out, everyone started laughing.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the comments that stated "No traces of Photoshop at all." His lips curved up slightly and he quietly gave Tang Chens Weibo message a like.

He was a pitiful person who had begun to deceive himself.

Give him a like to comfort him.