Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 49

Chapter 49 A Sensation On The Internet

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She stared wide-eyed at the sports car that was driving over. With a beautiful drift, it stopped in front of her.


The door was pushed open and Tang Chen’s evil-looking face was exposed under the sun.

Looking at Lin Wanwan’s stunned look, he hooked his finger. “Aren’t you getting onboard?”

Lin Wanwan bent over and sat in the car without thinking. “Let’s go quickly!”

Tang Chen said slowly, “What are you scared of? Even if they want to hit someone, it will be me.”

Lin Wanwan could not be bothered with this lunatic.

The sports car did a 90-degree turn and quickly left the school gate, leaving behind a huge number of reporters and students who were still in shock.

“Which a*shole was that! How dare he rush in in the presence of so many people. Did any of you take down his license plate number? I am going to expose him!”

Some reporters rambled on indignantly. Another reporter heart-achingly touched the camera that was smashed into pieces and said helplessly, “Stop spouting nonsense. The person in the car is the President of Sheng Rui Corporation. What can you do even if he knocked you to death, never mindnearlyknocking into you?”

After hearing this, the angry looks of the reporters were wiped off, as if they understood what was going on.

“Could it be that Lin Wanwan was able to get this role all because of young Tang?”

“That’s not impossible too. It’s only half an hour to the opening ceremony of ‘The Palace‘. Let’s hurry over!”

“Let’s go!”

The reporters hurried up to their car, leaving behind a bunch of excited kids who were gossiping about the news they had just received.

“The new actress of ‘The Palace‘ has been exposed. It’s Class 5’s Lin Wanwan! She was also the fangirl who made a show of herself half a year ago!”

Everyone rushed off to spread the word, and not long later, almost the whole school knew about this incident.

It was a sensation on the Internet as well!

‘The second female lead of ‘The Palace‘ is a fool! What’s the story behind this?

The fangirl who had openly harassed Luo Han half a year ago has now entered the entertainment circle, obtaining the role that countless actresses were gunning for!

Lin Wanwan shares an extraordinary relationship with the President of Sheng Rui Corporation. The latter had personally driven over and fetched her!

Titles like these dominated the top headlines of major websites in a short period of time.

Anyone who chased stars and loved watching entertainment news would have heard the name Lin Wanwan before.

Half a year ago, she was sensationalized on the Internet due to a scandal.

This time, she shocked netizens with her real capabilities.

Most members of the public could not accept that she was starring in this movie. Online, netizens were throwing criticisms, saying that this was flouting the rules and there was an inside story. Some fans even rushed over to the venue of the opening ceremony.

The initiator who had caused this uproar was still not in the know.

At this point in time, she was discussing with Tang Chen about whether or not she would devote her life to him.

Lin Wanwan forced out a smile. “Can we discuss this again after the opening ceremony is over?”

Tang Chen shrugged. “It’s useless trying to buy time here with me.”

Lin Wanwan thought for a moment and smiled immediately. “Back then, I didn’t promise you that I would devote my life to you if you save me once. Why don’t you save me ten times first before we discuss this again?”

She thought that Tang Chen would be speechless from the anger. Who could have guessed he’d simply raise his eyebrow and say, “No problem.”

Lin Wanwan was stunned.

“From tomorrow onwards, I will send people to kidnap you and rob you. Then I’ll save you.”

Tang Chen said this matter-of-factly. Looking at Lin Wanwan’s speechless gaze, he smiled playfully.

“Don’t worry, it’s just nine times. It will be over soon.”


He was indeed an abnormal and vile person!

“I’m just joking.”

Even though she was so angry, she had to maintain her smile.