Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 490

Chapter 490 The Fierce Little Devil

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On this day, the results of the college entrance examinations were out. Under Lin Wanwans deliberate control, her scores were neither high nor low. As she had to pass the arts examination as well in order to enroll into the Imperial Capital Film Academy, these results were not too significant.

It was already dark when she left the school.

There wasnt a parking lot near the school. Thus, Lin Wanwan had parked her car along a secluded road.

She was walking toward the direction of the small road when she suddenly heard a whistle from the alley next to her.

After that, a casual voice sounded, "Fu Zhinian, youre a little unlucky today. I wont talk nonsense with you either. I fancy Qiao Yuan. If youre sensible, leave her immediately. If not heh heh. Dont blame my brothers for being merciless!"

Lin Wanwan stopped in her tracks. Fu Zhinian?

Thinking of his special relationship with Lu Zhanbei, Lin Wanwan hesitated for a while. In the end, she quietly walked over.

Under the faint moonlight, she saw that Fu Zhinian was backed into a corner by a few boys dressed like hooligans.

These hooligans were holding cigarettes in their mouths, and their hands were carrying thick steel pipes.

The handsome youth, who was surrounded by them, had an icy expression on his face. He was not flustered at all.


He raised his eyebrow and smiled. That innate arrogance made him look like an arrogant wolf king. His two little tiger teeth flashed coldly under the moonlight.

"Dont you mean that Im lucky!"

As the last word fell, Fu Zhinian moved. He kicked one of the hooligans face, and the latter landed more than a meter away.

Without waiting for the other three to respond, he swept his leg out and they fell to the ground. He took the opportunity to grab a steel pipe from one of them. He aimed at the other partys knee and swung it down.


"Oh my!"

The sounds of bone cracking were completely suppressed by the high-pitched screams.

It was as if Fu Zhinian was cracking eggs as he fractured all the hooligans knees.

Witnessing this scene, Lin Wanwan swallowed her saliva.

Not only were his skills good, but he was also decisive. Based on how ruthless he was just now, he was simply a fierce little devil.

Fu Zhinian threw the steel pipe away and found approximately five to six thousand yuan on them.

"Coincidentally, I dont have money for my meals recently."

He stuffed the money into his pockets. Looking at them from atop, his eyes swept over the hooligans who were screaming in pain.

"Tell me. Arent I lucky?"

After saying this, he turned around and left.

Lin Wanwan immediately retreated and hid behind a big tree.

As she watched Fu Zhinian walking over quickly, she did not know if it was her illusion or not but after Fu Zhinian had been walking for a distance, he suddenly turned his head and looked in her direction, as if realizing her presence.

When Fu Zhinians back view could no longer be seen, Lin Wanwan emerged with an impressed look.

Indeed, he was related to Lu Zhanbei. He was equally ruthless.

The next morning, she rushed to the programs recording studio.

Wu Mingtian knew that she was about to train abroad as a trainee. As such, he discussed with the other male guests for them to adjust their schedules so that the last few episodes of the program could be filmed as soon as possible.

Knowing their arrangement, Lin Wanwan was so touched that she bought supper for the program team for several nights.

Although Lin Wanwan was busy, she had learned her lesson from the last time and often showed care and concern to her future boyfriend. She also reported to him her whereabouts.

Glutinous Ball that wears the halo of a Mary Sue: "Reporting! I played a triathlon segment just now and accidentally held Teacher Cais hand!"

Lu Zhanbei replied: "Have read."