Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 492

Chapter 492 The Silhouette On The Road

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Her relationship with Lu Zhanbei was not yet so vulnerable that a photo could cause cracks.

God of plague Tang: "Cant you pretend to fall for my plan of sowing discord so that I can be happy for a while?"


Lin Wanwan laughed out loud. Her initially depressed mood gradually eased.

Ruan Baoer leaned over in curiosity. Her eyes casually swept across the photo on the mobile.

"Oh, its her?"

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow. "You know her?"

That sharp gaze shocked Ruan Baoer. "You can say so"

Her avoidant gaze led to Lin Wanwan having an ominous feeling in her heart. "What relationship does this woman have with Lu Zhanbei?"

Feeling conflicted, Ruan Baoer said, "Not close, but you cant say that its not close either. Oh, I dont know how to put it. If you suspect theres something between them, why dont you ask Lu Zhanbei directly? Dont let my answer interfere with your judgment."

"Thats true."

Couples must be honest with each other.

Lin Wanwan immediately called Lu Zhanbei. The call was connected very quickly.

"Where are you now?"

Lu Zhanbei felt her uneasiness beneath the calm tone. "Outside. If youre looking for me, Ill return to Yun Mansion immediately."

"Ok, I wont leave without seeing you."

Lin Wanwan hung up the call. After waving to Ruan Baoer, she picked up her bag and left.

The cold air that traveled in from the car window slapped Lin Wanwans face and messed up her hair. However, this calmed her eagerness as well.

Indeed, she was anxious because she cared.

It was just a hug. It was not as if Lu Zhanbei cant have female friends. It was very normal for friends to hug.

Lin Wanwan slowed down the car and hurried to Yun Mansion leisurely.

Night gradually fell. It was as if the bustling city was covered by a mysterious tulle, making it dream-like.

Lin Wanwan drove the car along the secluded road. The street lamps on both sides of the road glowed dimly.

At this moment, a shadow suddenly crossed over from the right side and nearly hit the front of the BMW.


Thankfully, Lin Wanwan reacted agilely and stepped on the brakes.

The girl who rushed out had already fallen to the ground. She crazily slammed on the cars hard surface and cried with her face covered in tears.

"Help me. Someones trying to rape me. My boyfriends captured by them too. Please help me to call the police"

Through the bright lights from the front of the car, Lin Wanwan saw clearly the girls look.

"Qiao Yuan?"

Lin Wanwan was shocked at first. Then, she recalled Qiao Yuans words and frowned.

The boyfriend she was referring to was Fu Zhinian?

Lin Wanwan got off the car and lifted the weak Qiao Yuan up. "Where is Fu Zhinian?"

Qiao Yuan was trembling all over until she could not say anything. She was obviously frightened.

Lin Wanwan said helplessly, "Show me the way. Well find him together."

Based on his relationship with Lu Zhanbei alone, she had to help him.

"No, I dont want to!"

Qiao Yuan screamed in fear. She pushed away Lin Wanwans hand, climbed into the car hurriedly, and locked the door. She curled herself up into a ball.

"Im not going anywhere. You find him alone. Ill wait for you here."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

As time was running out, she could only follow in the direction Qiao Yuan had rushed out from alone. She planned to see what the situation was like first. If she couldnt handle it, she would find Lu Zhanbei for help.

She had personally witnessed Fu Zhinians skills. If even he could not fight them, she would only be sending herself to her death if she went.

Not too long later, Lin Wanwan found Fu Zhinian at a crossroad in front.

He was forced into a corner, and a few youths were kicking him.