Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 493

Chapter 493 A Beast Was Not Worthy To Speak At All

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A pale-looking youth who was standing at the back with both his hands on a pair of crutches spat on the ground. He was laughing coldly at Fu Zhinian, who was being attacked by several people but didnt have the ability to fight back.

"Hit him hard! Whoever hits him the hardest, Ill reward with ten thousand yuan!"

This time, the youths, who were dressed as hooligans, hit him even harder.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lin Wanwan, who was standing not too far away, was shocked.

She had thought that Fu Zhinian had offended a ferocious enemy. Looking at this scene clearly now, it was obvious the hooligans leader was the useless bum whose leg got broken by him previously.

He had brought along a few kids today. Based on Fu Zhinians skills, he could have easily handled them all.


Lin Wanwan looked at Fu Zhinian, who was backed into a corner and letting them hit him without uttering a sound. She simply could not reconcile the image of this pitiful boy in front of her and the little devil in her memory.

Could it be that he was drugged?

Lin Wanwan was still guessing when the leader raised his arm. Several youths immediately backed away.

He walked to the front of Fu Zhinian, looking ruthless.

"Here I was thinking you were very capable. Who knew youre only a flower shelf? You broke both my legs. Today, I want you to compensate me with your life!"

As his words fell, he raised his crutches and knocked them heavily against Fu Zhinians head.

Fu Zhinian hugged his head with both hands and didnt move.

At that moment when the crutches was about to land on Fu Zhinians head again, a slender hand reached out from nowhere and grabbed the crutches.

"Have you said enough?"

The hooligan was shocked and immediately retreated. As the injuries on his legs were not completely healed, he fell to the ground as he retreated.

"Who are you?"

Under the dim light, he didnt see Lin Wanwans face clearly. He saw Lin Wanwan throwing away the crutches, her posture arrogant. He immediately shouted angrily, "Everyone, attack! Give this bitch a good lesson!"

A few youths immediately rushed toward Lin Wanwan.

Lin Wanwan lifted the crutches and broke a persons leg. At the same time, she swung her elbow backwards. The person who was hit could not help but fall to the ground, and he rolled around in pain.

Lin Wanwan easily handled the other two youths. Finally, she walked to the front of the leader, whose face was filled with fear.

"It looks as if the lesson Fu Zhinian gave you back then was not enough. He broke your legs previously. Now, Im going to knock off your teeth. A beast is not worthy to speak at all."

After saying this, she lifted the crutches neatly and slammed it on the other partys lips.


Amidst the pitiful screams, a few white teeth rolled to the ground.

Lin Wanwan glanced at the useless bum, who had fainted from the pain. She threw away the crutches and squatted down next to Fu Zhinian.

"Little brat no, Fu Zhinian. Are you ok?"

Lin Wanwans hand had just landed on his shoulder when Fu Zhnians body seemed to tremble in fear. He slowly lifted his head. The beautifully shaped eyes had lost their usual coldness. Instead, they were clear and didnt have any impurities.

"Thank you for saving me."

As he said this, his expression was still calm. However, his trembling eyelashes revealed a trace of nervousness.

Lin Wanwan was confused as she saw his fearful look. When she saw the bump on his head, she chalked it off to him not being sober yet from the beatings.

"No problem. Youre safe now."

Sensing the kindness behind her comforting words, Fu Zhinians dark eyes shone slightly. His thinly pursed lips curved up slightly too.


The way he stared fixedly at Lin Wanwan carried with it a trace of careful expectation and some uneasiness that was difficult to hide. It was as if he was a stray dog abandoned by its owner on the road side, and upon seeing a kind-hearted person walk over, he was both desperate to get close to the person yet afraid he would be kicked away.