Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 494

Chapter 494 A Little Wife Who Suffered Grievances

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Images of his usual arrogant self could not help but appear in Lin Wanwans mind. His expression was looking stranger by the minute.

Could it be that he really became a fool after being beaten by those hooligans?

No, he had to quickly bring him to Lu Zhanbei and get someone to do a check on his brain.

"Fu Zhinian, can you walk with me right now?" she tried to ask him. After that, a trace of hesitation flashed past Fu Zhinians face.

"Where to?"

"Ill bring you to find Lu Zhanbei."

Upon hearing Lu Zhanbeis name, Fu Zhinians eyes shone.

"Ok!" Even his voice had risen by a few octaves. It could be seen how agitated he was.

Lin Wanwan heaved a sigh of relief. As she continued walking forward, she inadvertently looked back and saw Fu Zhinian with his head lowered, like a little wife who had suffered grievances following behind her. Every step he took was on the footprint she left behind.

Lin Wanwans lips twitched. She was even more sure that something was wrong with his head.

"Come, Ill hold your hand."

The moment her warm little hand held his, Fu Zhinians face was overwhelmed by tension, helplessness and surprise.

Lin Wanwan didnt notice his expression. She brought Fu Zhinian to where the car was parked and realized Qiao Yuan was gone and the door was wide open.

"Your girlfriend dumped you and ran away," she said teasingly.

"Shes not my girlfriend." Fu Zhinian frowned and looked at her with repulsion.

Lin Wanwan laughed dryly. She didnt know how to communicate with Fu Zhinian, whose temperament had changed largely.

As she drove, she sized Fu Zhinian up.

He sat upright with his back straight. Both his hands were placed on his knees. He was very quiet.

As if sensing something, he subconsciously tilted his head and met Lin Wanwans unwavering gaze. He had a momentary look of confusion and hurriedly used his hand to wipe his face.

After his fingernail wiped off the blood stains, he hurriedly placed his hand behind him, as if afraid Lin Wanwan would despise him for being dirty.


"" Lin Wanwan opened her mouth. It was difficult to hide the look of shock on her face.

Judging from her experience as a fool, she knew Fu Zhinian shouldnt be a fool. It was still the same face without the usual cold arrogance. However, he was fearful like a snail, eager to explore the world, but afraid of being hurt by the outside world.

What was this damned situation? Shed better find Lu Zhanbei quickly for a solution!

"Sit tight. Im going to speed up."


Seeing that she wasnt angry, Fu Zhinian relaxed. He could not hide the excitement from his eyes as he looked at the road ahead.

"Ms. Lin."

As they reached Yun Mansion, Uncle Ying, who was long waiting for them, bowed like a gentleman. When he saw Fu Zhinian, who was by Lin Wanwans side, his look stiffened.

Lin Wanwan pulled on Fu Zhinians sleeve and headed inside. As she walked, she asked, "Uncle Ying, is Lu Zhanbei back?"

"Sir has long arrived. Ms. Lin"

Lin Wanwan was walking too quickly and didnt hear properly what Uncle Ying was saying.

She rushed into the living room with Fu Zhinian. "Lu Zhanbei, something big has happened"

Lin Wanwans voice stopped abruptly as she saw a woman sitting next to Lu Zhanbei.

It was the woman who was hugging Lu Zhanbei in the photo Tang Chen had sent her.

Compared to the half-exposed face on the photo, her whole face was all the more exquisite. Her facial features formed a beautiful face. As she curved her lips and smiled, the small mole below the right eye seemed to come alive. Her charms were dazzling.

At this moment, she was tilting her head toward Lu Zhanbei and smiling teasingly.

Anyone could feel that there was a familiar atmosphere between them.