Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 495

Chapter 495 Shes Blushing. How Cute.

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Lu Zhanbei looked toward Lin Wanwan. He was sensitively aware of the doubts in her eyes and was prepared to take the initiative to explain things.

"Let me introduce you to"

Just then, he saw Fu Zhinian. He frowned and that smiling curvature became a little colder.

When that sharp gaze swept over, Fu Zhinian became like a small pet dog who was being reprimanded by his owner. He lowered his head in fear and the excitement in his eyes turned to bitterness.

"Dont be afraid. Thats just his usual look." Lin Wanwan pinched his finger.

Sensing comfort, Fu Zhinian revealed a close smile to her. Looking at Lu Zhanbei not too far away, it was as if he had mustered up a lot of courage as he shouted fearfully.


This shout shocked Lin Wanwan and made Lu Zhanbeis body tremble slightly.

Seeing that Fu Zhinian was obviously feeling constrained by his suppressing gaze, Lu Zhanbei slowly squinted his eyes.

"Come here."

Fu Zhinian broke free of Lin Wanwans hand and slowly walked over. The nearer he was to Lu Zhanbei, the slower he walked.


Fu Zhinian subconsciously wanted to squeeze in between Lu Zhanbei and that woman. However, he very quickly retreated. He had a perplexed look as he wanted to get close but dared not to.

In the end, that woman moved to the side and said in an authentic Beijing dialect, "Come, Ill give you some space so you can get closer to your brother."

Fu Zhinian immediately sat down, not forgetting to carefully observe Lu Zhanbeis reaction.

Lu Zhanbei was fully aware of this. He asked plainly, "Youre back?"


Compared to Lu Zhanbeis calmness, Fu Zhinian was like a small kid who had made a mistake. The hands he placed on his thighs were tightly clenched, whether from nervousness or excitement was unclear.

"You can stay with me here for the time being."


Fu Zhinian answered especially loud and clear. He realized he might have spoken too loudly and silently glanced at Lu Zhanbei. Seeing that there wasnt a look of irritation on his face, he quietly lowered his head. His slightly curved lips betrayed his good mood.

Lin Wanwan was completely confused

She remembered that the last time Fu Zhinian and Lu Zhanbei coincidentally met each other at Jin Tong Que, Fu Zhinian still had a look of arrogance. Why did he suddenly like to be with Lu Zhanbei?

Just when her stomach became full of doubts, Lu Zhanbei walked over. "Youre very surprised?"

Lin Wanwan subconsciously nodded.

"Come over and take a seat first. Ill introduce you to someone."

Lu Zhanbei naturally held Lin Wanwans hand and glanced at the woman opposite the sofa.

"Shes called Shen Zhiyi."

Lin Wanwan finally digested the fact that Lu Zhanbei and Fu Zhinian were brothers. She looked toward this woman named Shen Zhiyi and politely greeted her.

"Hello, Ms. Shen."

Shen Zhiyi swept her gaze over Lu Zhanbeis and her closely linked hands. She smiled lightly and said, "Hello."

She walked over and stretched her hand out. Both of them shook hands.

Lin Wanwan was about to take back her hand when she realized Shen Zhiyi had used her index finger to scratch her palm. It wasnt forceful but carried with it a little teasing. She was so shocked that she immediately retrieved her hand.

When she lifted her head, her eyes met Shen Zhiyis interested eyes.

"Shes blushing. How cute."

It was as if Shen Zhiyi discovered the New World. She looked at Lin Wanwan until she was speechless in despair. Then, she raised her eyebrow and said, "I know you. Lin Wanwan, right? Dont call me Ms. Shen. If you dont mind, you can call me Sister Zhiyi."

Lin Wanwan followed her advice readily and said, "Hello, Sister Zhiyi."

"How obedient."

Shen Zhiyi wanted to touch her hair but Lin Wanwan subconsciously avoided it.