Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 496

Chapter 496 She Goes For Both Men And Women Of All Kinds

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She didnt mind either. She curved her lips and smiled at Lu Zhanbei brightly. "In this day and age, its so rare to see such an obedient young girl. Zhanbei, I fell in love with her at first sight. Are you willing to part with your cherished possession and let me keep her for a few days?"

Lin Wanwan could neither cry nor laugh. She wasnt a pet

Lu Zhanbei hugged Lin Wanwans waist and gave Shen Zhiyi a side glance warningly. "Dont bring over here the bad habits that youve learned overseas."

Then, he looked at Lin Wanwan. "Stay away from her in the future. She goes for both men and women of all kinds. She has had more girlfriends than boyfriends."

Lin Wanwan looked at Shen Zhiyi in shock.

Was this for real?

That meant she wasnt her love rival at all

Shen Zhiyi was not annoyed at being exposed. She shrugged her shoulders disapprovingly.

"Dont think that I dont know, youre just jealous I have had more relationships than you do. Who in our circle doesnt know that youre over twenty years old but have yet to hold a womans hand? No wonder Uncle Lu wanted to stir us together and pair us up."

"As long as you know he was trying to stir us together. I have never taken into account that old mans words, so dont take them seriously."

Lu Zhanbei was not only answering Shen Zhiyi but also explaining to Lin Wanwan in disguise.

Lin Wanwans heart was clear now. So it was that.

No wonder Fu Zhinian was saying that Lu Zhanbei was two-timing then. Perhaps the other boat was referring to Shen Zhiyi.

Lu Zhanbeis father had wanted to pair them up. However, Lu Zhanbei didnt have this intention.

Then, what about Shen Zhiyi?

The arm that Lu Zhanbei was hugging Lin Wanwan with tightened. Every move was full of strong possessiveness. "For things like relationships, once in a lifetime is enough."

Shen Zhiyi looked at the two of them cuddled together and smiled playfully. "So, its true what the Internet is saying? Both of you are really together?"

"Havent you recognized long ago that the man in the photo was me?"

"We have known each other since we were in diapers. Even if you were to be reduced to ashes, I would still recognize you."

Shen Zhiyis gaze landed on Lin Wanwan. Her full red lips followed a sinuous line.

She had a beautiful face like a flower. However, her smile was more flirtatious than a mans.

"Zhanbei, Im not interested in you. However Im quite interested in your girlfriend now."

Lu Zhanbei gave her a side glance lazily and said, "You can try and snatch her away."

"Wait and see."

Shen Zhiyi gave him a provocative look. She inadvertently swept her eyes across the European clock on the wall.

"Its not early anymore. Ill take my leave first. Zhanbei, Ive been gone for two years already. When I came back, I didnt even see my parents first. Instead, I rushed over immediately to pass the day with you. Arent you touched?"

Lu Zhanbei nodded. "Im so touched I want to cry. I wont send you off."

Shen Zhiyi rolled her eyes at him. She gave Lin Wanwan a friendly smile. "Wanwan, Ill get going first. Dont forget me. Zhinian, Ill visit you when Im free."

"Goodbye, Sister Zhiyi."

"Goodbye," Fu Zhinian said softly.

Shen Zhiyi stood up and the lazy atmosphere disappeared. There was a light elegant smile on her face, and she walked out leisurely.

Lin Wanwan looked at her back view and was in deep thoughts.

One look at Shen Zhiyi and it was obvious she was an upper-class celebrity. Her character was not like those almighty young girls from rich families. Instead, she was generous and cheerful. The innate aristocratic elegance was still easily exhibited.

When her back view could no longer be seen, Lin Wanwan tilted her head and looked at Lu Zhanbei.

"I have so many questions to ask you now."