Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 497

Chapter 497 Youre Jealous

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Lu Zhanbei was amused by her stern look. "Ill tell you everything I know and without reserve."


Lin Wanwan wanted to say something but saw from the corner of her eye that Fu Zhinian was staring fixedly at her. His eyes carried with them a silent desire and envy.

When he saw her gaze, he lowered his head again and stared at his fingers quietly.

Lin Wanwans heart softened at the sight of him looking like a cute little puppy. Her finger jabbed Lu Zhanbeis abdomen.

Lu Zhanbei followed her gaze and saw Fu Zhinian. He called out plainly, "Uncle Ying."

Uncle Ying walked in and bowed slightly.

"Arrange a room and send him there to rest."


Uncle Ying walked to the front of Fu Zhinian and said respectfully, "Second Master, please follow me."

Fu Zhinian stood up and walked behind Uncle Ying. After taking a few steps, he suddenly turned his head. When he saw that Lu Zhanbei was already talking to Lin Wanwan, his shoulders instantly fell.

That dejected look inexplicably revealed a trace of vulnerability and loss.

Lin Wanwan could see very clearly that the desire in his eyes had turned to sorrow. She could not help but stretch out her hand and pinch Lu Zhanbeis arm.

Lu Zhanbei had a look of innocence. "Whats wrong now?"

Lin Wanwan gave him a look. The meaning was very obvious for him to say something.

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrows. Finally, under her urging gaze, he looked toward Fu Zhinian, who had already walked to the center of the stairs.

"You rest early."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was dissatisfied.

Couldnt he say it more intimately? Would he die if he called him Brother?!

Lin Wanwan was still complaining in her heart when Fu Zhinian turned his head back fiercely. His low mood was completely swept away, and the curvature of his lips could not be suppressed. He answered light-heartedly, "Ok. Brother, rest early too. Lin Wanwan you as well."

"Yes, yes." Lin Wanwan was comforted. What a good kid.

Because of a simple "rest early" from Lu Zhanbei, Fu Zhinian happily went upstairs to his room.

Lin Wanwan could not help but laugh lowly. If he had a tail, it was likely that he would have wagged it long ago.

"What situation is Fu Zhinian in? He had fought with a few hooligans today and he hurt his head. It couldnt be this reason, right?"

Lu Zhanbei did not hurry to answer her question. Instead, he asked, "I thought you would ask me about Shen Zhiyi first."

Lin Wanwan snorted. "Why?"

Lu Zhanbei leaned closer to her and his slightly cool thin lips brushed past her earlobe. "Youre jealous."

Lin Wanwan blushed. A dead duck was stubborn. She glared at him. "No, Im not!"

Nothing could escape from Lu Zhanbeis keen observation skills. He slowly said, "As I tease you more often, the number of times you blush become fewer. I didnt do anything to you just now, yet you blushed. Does that mean I had correctly said whats on your mind, so you flew into a rage out of humiliation?"


Lin Wanwan was so embarrassed and angry that she wanted to die!

Doesnt this man know how to be someones boyfriend?!

Was there one who loved to expose someone elses weaknesses like him?!

"A*shole Lu, Im going to get rid of an evil for the people today!"

Lin Wanwan held up her fists and tried to hit him. Without any accidents, Lu Zhanbei avoided them.

Unwilling to take this lying down, she tried changing her moves again. Lu Zhanbei had already held her waist and arm and pulled her into his embrace. He put his face against her neck and said in a low voice.

"Fu Zhinian is suffering from schizophrenia."

In a daze, Lin Wanwan stopped all resistance and almost exclaimed.

If that was the case, then it all made sense