Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 498

Chapter 498 Dual Personalities

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"How many personalities?"


"What about who he is right now? Is that his master personality?"

"No, that is his second split personality."

Lin Wanwan felt a sense of suppression from his calm tone, and she rubbed her lips slightly.

"Schizophrenia is a mental illness generally caused by environmental factors or having suffered great trauma before. To heal it, you must untie the knot in his heart. If you dont, drug treatment wont have much effect."

The image derived from other personalities is generally the epitome of oneself.

Previously, in a movie, Lin Xiao had played a female lead role who was schizophrenic.

The female lead role was a pitiful girl who was often bullied, and thus, desired to be protected. One day by chance, a woman who knew how to fight drove away a hooligan who was acting indecently toward her. She admired her bravery and gradually developed a second personality that was similar to that womans.

Two faces flashed past her mind alternately. One was cold and flamboyant, and the other was weak and timid.

It looked like Fu Zhinians rebellion was just a protective cover. Deep down, his inner heart was extremely lacking in emotions.

"Youre right."

Lu Zhanbei loosened his grip on her and nestled himself on the sofa. As he held his forehead with one hand, his dark gaze looked toward a certain direction.

"When he was young, he did suffer some agitation."

"Then did you try to untie the knot in his heart?" Lin Wanwan was very sensible and didnt probe about his secrets.

Lu Zhanbei shook his head. "You know his character too. Do you think he would give me a chance to?"

Lin Wanwan thought of Fu Zhinians cold temperament and was deeply convinced.

"Actually, in his heart, he desires to be close to you."

Otherwise, the split personality wouldnt be so happy with just a simple word of concern from Lu Zhanbei.

After being silent for a short while, Lu Zhanbei curved his lips. "Perhaps."

He stood up and patted Lin Wanwans head. "Its getting late. Go and sleep. Ill worry about Fu Zhinian myself."

Lin Wanwan could tell that he didnt want to speak further on this matter. She nodded and headed upstairs.

After that, she seemed to have thought of something. She turned her head and looked at him with a strange expression.

"Lu Zhanbei, whats with Shen Zhiyi?"

Lu Zhanbei had a "what are you talking about, I dont understand" look on his face. Lin Wanwan was so angry that she gritted her teeth, and she asked more straightforwardly: "What relationship do you have with Shen Zhiyi?"

Lu Zhanbeis usual elegant smiling look was just a mask. In reality, he had a cold temperament and it was difficult to get close to him.

However, when he was chatting with Shen Zhiyi, even a fool could feel there was a kind of natural closeness between them.

Lu Zhanbei said slowly, "Something like your relationship with Si Han."

Lin Wanwan was completely speechless at this sentence.

Was he jealous that she had a good male friend, and thus, not to be outdone, had gotten Shen Zhiyi here so that they could have a fight over it?

Was this man so narrow-minded

"Good for you!" Lin Wanwan had completely no more excuses to kick up a fuss, and she ran away.

Looking at her back view, Lu Zhanbei chuckled slightly.

The next day when Lin Wanwan headed downstairs, Lu Zhanbei and Fu Zhinian were already at the dining hall.

Fu Zhinians upright back revealed inexplicable tension. However, his body exuded a faint sense of satisfaction.

"You are up so early."

Lin Wanwan yawned and reached for a sandwich from the china plate. She put it in her mouth and started chewing.

Lu Zhanbei gave her a small piece of ham and pushed over a glass of milk.

Lin Wanwan returned the favor and placed a sandwich on his plate.

She was eating happily when she saw from the corner of her eye that Fu Zhinian was staring fixedly at her. The desire in his eyes was clearly visible.