Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 499

Chapter 499 Return To The Room To Train The Cat

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"Eh Fu Zhinian, hurry up and eat as well." She pushed over a sandwich and threw Lu Zhanbei a look at the same time.

Lu Zhanbei understood what she meant. Without touching his chopsticks, his thin lips moved lightly. "Eat."

Fu Zhinians expression shone immediately at such a simple word. Lin Wanwan could feel his invisible tail shaking vigorously behind his back.

If Fu Zhinians main personality was a wolf, then this second personality would be a puppy.


The sudden laugh attracted Lu Zhanbeis attention.

"What are you laughing at?"

"Oh, I suddenly wanted to ask you, how does it feel like to be an animal care worker?"

"Not bad."

Lu Zhanbei saw her look of ridicule and could understand what she was thinking.

"This little female cat I raised is not obedient. She always loves to stretch out her claws and scratch people. What do you think can be done?"

Cat? When did he raise a cat?

Lin Wanwan didnt quite understand what he meant, and she really thought about this for a while.

"Maybe its her estrous cycle."

A glimmer of light flashed past Lu Zhanbeis eyes. He was not ashamed to ask for advice in a pure manner, "How does one resolve this?"

Lin Wanwan gave a look of disdain. "Do you still have to ask me? Get a male cat to settle it, of course."

"When would be a more appropriate time?"

"The sooner, the better."

"What if that cat of mine is unaffected and doesnt want a male cat that soon?"

Lin Wanwan was starting to feel annoyed at his nonsensical questions. She spoke gibberish, "How can a cat have so many problems? At the very most, keep it together with the male cat. When she cant withstand the temptation anymore, she would naturally agree to it."

Lu Zhanbei had a look of enlightenment. "That makes sense."

At this moment, Fu Zhinian asked in fear, "Brother, you like cats?"

"I like only the one I raise."

Seeing that Lu Zhanbei answered his question, Fu Zhinian blinked his eyes, like a newborn puppy asking for food. "Where is it? Can I hug it?"

"No, it will bite."

As he said this, Lu Zhanbei even looked at Lin Wanwan meaningfully.

The way he looked at Lin Wanwan made her feel pins and needles. She vaguely understood it now

Damn! How was she a cat?!

"Ill let you hug it after I cut her nails off."

Fu Zhinian had lowered his head because of the rejection. Upon hearing this, he immediately nodded. "Ok!"

Looking at Lu Zhanbeis profile, he mustered up the courage and said, "Thank you, Brother."

From his tightly clenched fists, Lu Zhanbei could tell that he was nervous. He didnt know why but he thought of how he had first met Lin Wanwan. Shed initially played the fool, and when she was afraid of offending him, her clear eyes were like that, carrying with them a little pity.

With a softened heart, he patted Fu Zhinians shoulder. "Eat quickly. Dont let the food turn cold."

Feeling the care and concern, Fu Zhinians eyes were like little suns. They shone so brightly that they could turn someone blind.

"Ok!" He sat down and started digging in. His slightly curved lips never fell.

Lin Wanwan was pitying this kid in her heart when a slender hand suddenly stretched out from nowhere and clasped her wrists lightly.

"Follow me."

Lin Wanwan stared at Lu Zhanbeis deep gaze and she felt goosebumps immediately. She asked warningly, "What for?"

Lu Zhanbei stood behind her. As he leaned down, that slightly cool lips brushed past her pink earlobes. His flirtatious actions, coupled with his hoarse voice, could easily seduce any woman.

"Lets return to the room to train the cat."