Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Kiss Kiss

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Lin Wanwan looked at him sincerely. “I’m very grateful for your help. How should I repay you? Devoting my life to you is a definite no.”

Tang Chen seemed regretful. “Why don’t you give me a kiss?”

Lin Wanwan was silent for a long time. “A real kiss?”

“Kiss here.” Tang Chen’s fair-skinned fingertip pointed to his thin red lips.

Lin Wanwan gave a slight smile. “Close your eyes first then.”

Tang Chen’s eyes flashed a glimmer of light, and obediently, he closed his eyes.

She opened her carry-on bag and dug out a small glass bottle. She removed the cork, dipped her finger in the colorless liquid, and applied it to her lips.

“Young Tang, I’m coming~”

Lin Wanwan smiled evilly. She rested both arms on the cushions and pouted her lips towards Tang Chen.

However, as she got closer, Tang Chen smelled a pungent smell similar to Formalin. It was so bad that he nearly vomited.

“Get away from me!”

He pushed away Lin Wanwan without any hesitation. Pinching his nose, he was so disgusted that even his complexion turned slightly pale.

As Lin Wanwan gloated, she secretly rejoiced that she had brought out the chemical compound she prepared on her own during Chemistry class yesterday.

This chemical compound was mixed with a Sulfhydryl component. Although it was not toxic, it had a very pungent smell.

“Didn’t you want me to kiss you?” With a wronged look on her face, she lightly rubbed the back of her head as it was painful from when she got knocked back.


Tang Chen could not be bothered to argue with her. He quickly rolled down the car windows so that the fresh air outside could disperse the pungent smell in the car.

“Young Tang” Lin Wanwan leaned over again with a gesture asking for a kiss. “Kiss kiss~”

Tang Chen looked at her for a moment, jerked out his hand, and removed the cotton wool from her nasal cavity.


Lin Wanwan’s small face wrinkled into a ball almost immediately. She bent over and started to retch.

Tang Chen pinched his nose and laughed gleefully at the same time. “Was that a pleasurable feeling?”

“”Pleasurable his a*s!

Lin Wanwan quickly took out a wet wipe and rubbed her lips with it. In the end, she had to resort to using alcohol to get rid of this foul smell.

At this moment, the car stopped in front of the studio entrance.

Lin Wanwan looked in and saw the crowd of people. She could not help but exclaim, “Why is there so many people?”

It was so packed with countless reporters and passersby that there was no gap in front for them to squeeze into.

Tang Chen looked at Lin Wanwan. “What do you plan to do?”

“Let’s play it by ear.”

She could not hide the fact that she was not a fool, and she did not intend to hide this. What was most important at the moment was to prove that she’d obtained the role based on her capabilities, not via a so-called inside story.

“I have a great idea.”

Lin Wanwan looked at him, waiting for him to continue his words.

However, Tang Chen wrapped both arms around his chest and cast a meaningful glance, as if saying that she should know what to do.

“Oh, why don’t I kiss you as a way of saying thanks?”

Tang Chen noticed that she was deliberately putting on an act. He glanced at the small bottle on her palm and his lips twitched slightly.

“No need. You can just accompany me for a meal.”

That simple?

“That’s settled then!”

At this moment, Tang Qiang, who had alighted from the car earlier, led the executive producer of ‘The Palace‘ over.

He bent down in front of Tang Chen. She was not sure what Tang Chen was telling him, but he nodded from time to time. All smiles, he finally straightened up and pulled open the car door for Lin Wanwan.

“Please follow me.”

Lin Wanwan alighted from the car. She had taken only a few steps when Tang Chen stopped her.

“Lin’s second daughter, my future girlfriend.” He threw a wink. “No need to thank me.”

“” Lin Wanwan felt goosebumps all over and quickly ran away.