Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 500

Chapter 500 Then Call Me?

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" I refuse!"

"Invalid. Lin Wanwan, since you continue to be disobedient, why dont we do it here?"

"" Comparing shamelessness, she could only clench her fists and admit defeat.

As the two of them headed upstairs, Fu Zhinian looked at their back views. The expression on his face turned into nervousness and anxiety again, like a pet who was abandoned.

He tolerated it for a while. In the end, he could not help but ask softly, "Brother, where are you going?"

"To cut the cats nails. After cutting them, Ill let you hug it." Lu Zhanbei had answered in such a manner.

"Ok, Ill wait for you."


Back in the bedroom, Lu Zhanbei had already pinned Lin Wanwan against the wall when the door was yet closed.

Lin Wanwan tilted her head and avoided his kiss. "Lu Zhanbei, it couldnt be that youre really horny, right?"

Lu Zhanbei said, "Mind your words. It should be called an estrous cycle."

Estrous, his a*s!

Lin Wanwan pushed him away unhappily and sat on the bed. "Tell me. Why are you looking for me?"

Lu Zhanbei sat down next to her. "Youre going to Country G at the end of the month?"

Lin Wanwan frowned. "Si Han told you? Hes becoming out of hand recently. Ive already told him that I would tell you personally."

"Not only do I know about this, but I also know youre planning to bring someone along."

"He even told you this?" Lin Wanwan was dissatisfied.

Ever since she had exchanged numbers with Gu Yien in the washroom, Lin Wanwan had contacted her several times in private for her future work planning. She felt that this girl had potential.

Gu Yiens acting skills were still too tender. As such, Lin Wanwan asked from Si Han two spots, wanting to give her a chance to train.

"How long will you be there?"

"One month. When Im back, I can make it in time for the arts examinations."

Lu Zhanbeis handsome eyebrows frowned slightly. "I have something on at the end of the month and cant accompany you."

"Its ok. I wasnt expecting you to accompany me."

She was used to being a lone ranger. If Lu Zhanbei accompanied her for such a small matter, she would feel very unaccustomed instead.

"Since weve finished talking about serious matters, lets head out." Lin Wanwan stood up and planned to leave.

However, her legs had yet to move when Lu Zhanbei grabbed her arm forcefully and flung the unsuspecting girl onto the bed. He stretched his legs and secured them on both sides of her waist, overbearingly holding her imprisoned. His elegant lips curved into a sinuous arc.

"Trying to run when youve yet to give me some benefits?"

Lin Wanwan was unwilling to take this lying down. "I havent done anything wrong. On what basis should I give you some benefits?"

Lu Zhanbei pointed his index finger on her lips. He rubbed them lightly, and his eyes were full of dangerous temptation.

"How did you say it previously? If youre unaffected, what should I do?"

"I was referring to a cat. Im not a cat!"

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. His beautiful slender fingers removed the suit jacket and unbuttoned the shirt buttons one by one.

It was an extremely simple action. However, when he did it, he was so eye-catching, like a painting that was endlessly seductive.

Lin Wanwan stared wide-eyed at him removing his shirt. Her eyes strongly captured those beautifully muscled lines and that Apollos belt that could stir up ones imagination.

Then Lu Zhanbei started to remove his trousers.

Lin Wanwan finally could not take it anymore. She covered her face and shouted, "Stop, stop, stop. Enough!"

Lu Zhanbei remained calm and composed as he stopped in his tracks. He asked again, "Are you a cat?"

" Yes!" Lin Wanwan eyed the hand that was placed on his belt. She nodded, swallowing humiliation.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her increasingly charming face. His eyes darkened and he scratched her chin, as if teasing a cat.

"Then, call me?"