Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 502

Chapter 502 Kissing Her In Public

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Fu Zhinian sat quietly on the sofa and looked at Tian Ba, who was squatting next to his leg. A person and a dog looked at each other silently, and their eyes were as clean as childrens.

Lin Wanwan could not help but curve her lips. "Little Niannian, Tian Ba, have you missed me?"

These few days, Lin Wanwan had already mingled well with the transformed Fu Zhinian. Although he was introverted, he was not a fool.

When he sensed Lin Wanwans kindness, his courage gradually grew.


Compared to the wolf cry that the husky used to express his thoughts, Fu Zhinian nodded in all honesty. The eyes he used to look at Lin Wanwan blinked, and his expression was so cute that it made people want to pinch him.

Lin Wanwan could not hold back and did just that.

"Oh right, Ill be going overseas tomorrow and will only be back a month later."

Upon hearing this, Fu Zhinians eyes darkened. He didnt say anything and lowered his head sullenly.

Lin Wanwans heart softened. She comforted him and said, "When Im not around, your brother will accompany you."

Fu Zhinian glanced at Lu Zhanbei. Seeing that his gaze was still on Lin Wanwan from the start to the end, his lips twitched.

Lin Wanwan had no choice and could not be bothered to be in a cold war with Lu Zhanbei any longer.

"Lu Zhanbei, say it quickly. Would you often accompany Little Niannian?"

Little Niannian

This name-calling made Lu Zhanbeis teeth turn sour and he walked over. His eyes met Lin Wanwans, which carried with them a secret warning. He nodded sensibly.

"Ill try my best."

Lin Wanwan looked toward Fu Zhinian. Indeed, he immediately revealed a surprised smile, which was soft and cute.

After staying for a while, Lin Wanwan prepared to leave and headed back to pack her things.

At the door of Yun Mansion, she was about to get on the car when Lu Zhanbei, who had chased after her, grabbed her wrist.

"Remember to give me a call when youve arrived."

Thinking of how evil he was previously, Lin Wanwan snorted coldly in disdain.

Lu Zhanbei raised his arm and embraced her. His finger lifted her chin and a strong but gentle kiss instantly invaded her lips.

Uncle Ying and the rest of the servants clearly witnessed this passionate scene.

They didnt expect their elegant and noble Sir to make such a crazy move under the eyes of the public!

Lin Wanwan clearly saw everyones expression with her widened eyes. She was about to push Lu Zhanbei when he loosened his grip and retreated two steps.

"Do you hear me? Remember to give me a call."

Lin Wanwan initially wanted to scold him. However, the words changed when they reached her mouth.


There was a huge time difference between Country G and Xia country. Didnt he want her to call him?

She was going to let Lu Zhanbei experience serial calling.

The next day, after nearly ten hours of flight, Lin Wanwan finally arrived at the airport of Country Gs capital. She was accompanied by Gu Yien.

Although Lin Wanwan was slightly popular in Xia country, not many people could recognize her once she stepped out of the country.

She didnt put on any disguise. Her gorgeous and youthful face attracted the attention of many passersby.

"Wanwan, I dont know how to speak Country Gs language"

Lin Wanwan smiled and said, "No worries. Ill back you up."

She lifted her finger and said, "The person receiving us is there."

The two of them walked toward a man holding a sign not too far away. "Hello. We are from Xia country and are here for training."

The man with a little mustache sized the two of them up. After a while, he pouted, lifted his chin, and said a few words in the language of Country G.

"Follow me."

The arrogance and contempt in his tone were clear. Gu Yien didnt look too good while Lin Wanwan never changed her expression.

She had previously heard that the entertainment culture in Country G belonged to the top two in the international arena. Based on their position, some people looked down on other backward countries. She was still skeptical back then. Now, she could be said to have learned.