Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 503

Chapter 503 To Slap One's Face Regardless Of Nationality 1

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The three of them got on a small car that was parked outside the airport.

The man with the little mustache said with his legs crossed, “There’s another trainee from Xia country coming over. Wait a while.”

After saying this, he played with his mobile.

Half an hour later, he got off the car to receive a fair-skinned and good-looking young man.

“Lin Wanwan?” The man saw her and frowned slightly. “You’re here for training too?”

“Yes.” Lin Wanwan sized him up.

Su Yanchen. Twenty-one years old. He had debuted in March this year and became famous after playing the role of a young master in a historical drama.

His appearance had attracted a large number of fangirls. However, his stiff expression and awkward acting had also attracted a lot of criticism.

Su Yanchen sat in the corner and gave Lin Wanwan a side glance. He had the type of arrogance akin to how newborn calves were not afraid of tigers.

“Aren’t you a popular starlet? Aren’t there a lot of drama critics who said that your acting skills are not bad? Why are you undergoing training here with a newbie like me?”

Lin Wanwan had yet to say anything when Gu Yien immediately stepped in and defended her, “Wanwan is constantly striving for perfection. Is she in your way?”

“Oh please. Who knows if her acting skills are really good or if it’s just sheer luck”

Su Yanchen had not finished his sarcastic words when that man with the little mustache interrupted impatiently, “Have you guys argued enough? It’s very annoying, you know that?”

Su Yanchen snorted and no longer said anything.

Lin Wanwan would also not be bothered with a kid who’d just entered the society.

The car traveled for approximately half an hour before stopping in front of a tall building.

The few of them entered the lift and reached the seventh floor. Finally, the man with the little mustache knocked on the door of a training room.

“Teacher Cai, I have brought them over.”

“Come in.”

After the three of them entered, they realized that aside from a stern teacher who was in his forties in the big training room, there were also three local trainees from Country G.

As they used superior gazes to size Lin Wanwan and the otther two up, they conversed in their language. From time to time, they sneered.

Lin Wanwan was sharp-eared and understood Country G’s language. Thus, she heard everything clearly.

“Look, Xia country’s rubbish starlets have come to us for training again. Don’t they have any outstanding training teachers there? They just have to come here to get gilded. So troublesome!”

“Who said they aren’t? They spent money to come here and don’t have the capabilities. They even take up our training resources. So irritating!”

As she heard these discussions, Lin Wanwan’s face turned cold slightly. There was a slight inclination for the anger she had tolerated along the way to erupt.

Su Yanchen similarly understood their language. His face changed and he rushed in front of the three of them.

“Do you think I fancy coming here? If not for my manager who insisted for me to come over, even if you were to lift me with a sedan chair, I would never step foot here!”

The three of them rolled their eyes. They didn’t feel guilt over how their badmouthing was exposed.

“If you don’t fancy coming here, you can leave quickly. Why say such big words!”

“You” Su Yanchen’s face was filled with anger.

He was someone who couldn’t suffer any wrong. He also knew that if he were to stubbornly return to the country, what awaited him was the fate of going into hiding.

Su Yanchen’s helpless and frustrated expression led the few trainees to become more arrogant.


Lin Wanwan could not help but laugh and attracted everyone’s attention.

When one was outside, every move represented the face and quality of their own country.

Su Yanchen did not see eye-to-eye with her. She didn’t have a favorable opinion of him either.

However, it was ok for them to fight internally. If someone dared to hit the face of someone from her country, then don’t blame her for being unfriendly