Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 504

Chapter 504 To Slap Ones Face Regardless Of Nationality 2

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Lin Wanwan said slowly in fluent G language, "Number one, we were officially invited to come over here.

"Number two, we have indeed paid the training fees. Want to chase us out? Sure. If you have the ability to let the person-in-charge return us the money, then we shall see if the money gets refunded or if you guys get fired by the company.

"Number three, in Xia country, such a behavior that you display would be known as being busybodies.

"Number four, you guys have made me realize the quality of Country G. You cant be compared to us from Xia country at all."

Lin Wanwans words were not brusque. However, a ruthless character hid behind a gentle appearance.

Especially that last sentence. It was like a heavy slap had landed fiercely on their faces.

Their faces were flushed red and they looked so embarrassed that they couldnt say anything.

Seeing that the few people looked defeated, the teacher surnamed Cai no longer had the interest of watching the excitement like before. He hurriedly clapped his hands.

"Ok, lets stop talking now. Before the formal training, I have to figure out your strengths before making targeted training!"

The three local trainees didnt expect Lin Wanwan to be so sharp when she looked indifferent, and they ran over quickly.

Gu Yien said with a look of admiration, "Wanwan, youre so formidable!"

Su Yanchen looked at Lin Wanwan. His lips moved, but he eventually didnt say anything and walked away sulkily.

Gu Yien said indignantly, "What an ungrateful brat! Youve helped him but he didnt even say a word of thanks!"

"No problem." Lin Wanawn smiled lightly. "Im not protecting him."

But the entire entertainment circle in Xia country.

Teacher Cai split the six of them into three teams and got them to re-interpret a classic scene from a well-known TV drama.

Coincidentally, a person from Xia country was matched with a Country G trainee in each of the three teams.

"Lets start!"

Following the order, the first team, comprising Su Yanchen and another boy with single eyelids, got into their characters immediately.

Lin Wanwan frowned when the two of them had just started.

The gap between them was obvious.

Su Yanchen could be said to have no acting skills at all. Coupled that with the boy who was acting this scene with him having the mindset to deliberately suppress him, he could not even put on a basic performance well as he stuttered his lines.


Teacher Cai gave a hand signal. He first looked at the boy with single eyelids with an appreciative look. When his eyes fell on Su Yanchen, the look was one of disdain.

"Your acting skills are even worse than an ordinary human. You cant last long with that pretty face of yours."

Su Yanchen clenched his fists. His handsome face was filled with embarrassment and anger. However, he couldnt say anything to rebut him.

The boy with single eyelids puffed out his chest, and his face was filled with arrogance.

"The second team."

Lin Wanwan glanced at Gu Yien, who was next to her, looking slightly nervous. She gave her an encouraging smile. "Go for it!"

"Ok!" Gu Yien took a deep breath and walked over to start her performance.

Her acting skills were considered not bad compared to people of the same age. However, it was a pity she was too young and not stable enough. When the other party deliberately let her off, she didnt even manage to showcase half of her capabilities.


Teacher Cai sighed.

"I didnt expect the quality of the trainees from Xia country this time around to be so bad. Its either they have no acting skills at all, or they dont feel alive. As the mentor, its really a headache for me."

It was as if he was mumbling to himself, but the voice was so loud that everyone could hear it.

Gu Yien and Su Yanchen looked embarrassed. The three local trainees looked even more disdainful.

"Although I know that the trainees from Xia country dont have real capabilities, these two are really useless!"