Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 505

Chapter 505 To Slap Ones Face Regardless Of Nationality 3

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"It gets worse every year. Could it be that they cant even find a few good seedlings in Xia countrys entertainment circle? Oh, its really disappointing. To be honest, I dont want to waste my time with waste materials. I also hope waste materials dont occupy our training resources."

What Lin Wanwan did previously made the three trainees feel that she was not to mess with. This time, they changed their targets and started to pick on Gu Yien and Su Yanchen, these two soft permissions.

Their faces filled with embarrassment and anger, they were flushed red. However, it was true that they had indeed lost and couldnt rebut.

Lin Wanwan swept her eyes plainly over the three arrogant people and said, "Before the three of you came here for training, you have already debuted for over a year and could be considered our seniors. However, not only did the two here from my country not receive any systematic training before, one of them had just debuted and one of them had never stepped foot in this industry before. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment winning against them?"

Lin Wanwan walked over step by step. Her expression was clearly calm, but her eyes were shockingly cold. One could not help but feel terrified looking at them.

"I hope you guys can remember a famous saying from Xia country: Dont bully the young for being poor. A villain getting away with it generally wouldnt have glorious days for long!"

Lin Wanwans words were clear and straight to the point.

It was fun to step on other peoples toes. However, once you were being stepped on, it no longer felt so good.

The three local trainees were unable to speak in self-defense, and they could be said to have understood how Su Yanchen and Gu Yien felt previously.

They looked at one another in aggrievance. Then, someone let out a cold laughter.

"Since you said they are newbies, then its justifiable that their acting skills dont cut it. However, I heard that you are already slightly famous in Xia country. Why dont you show us what youre capable of?"

The three of them initially didnt want to offend Lin Wanwan. After all, her popularity in Xia country was not low. If word got out that they were picking on her, it might be unfavorable for their plans to develop themselves in Xia country in the future.

However, Lin Wanwans cutting remarks had completely angered them.

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow, as if very confused. "Show you? On what basis?"

Such supercilious attitude very nearly angered the three of them to death. In the end, Teacher Cai coughed to break the awkwardness.

"Everyone, stop talking. The third team, start the performance!"

The two local trainees who had already put on a performance immediately poked a sweet-looking woman with long curly hair.

"Yanxi, you have the best acting skills out of us three. Show them to these bumpkins! Let them know that Country G is better than them in all aspects!"

"I will." Yanxi glanced at Lin Wanwan. She lifted her chin slightly and her eyes sparkled with confidence.

Although Gu Yien couldnt understand what they were talking about, she understood that there would be a showdown soon. She could not help but clench her fists.

"Wanwan, I believe in you!"

Lin Wanwan gave her a smile and walked over.

"Lin Wanwan will act as the murderer while Yanxi will act as the police. No problem, right?"

"No problem with me!" After Teacher Cai assigned the roles, Yanxi immediately nodded. The self-confidence in her eyes became more intense.

Lin Wanwan laughed coldly in her heart.

This was a gangster film. The climax was when the police and the murderer met each other. The police persuaded the murderer to surrender. The murderer initially didnt listen, but eventually pleaded guilty.

The police was the protagonist and the main character. As long as that awe-inspiring justice was portrayed, coupled with the aggressive lines and the aura of the protagonist, it was very easy to suppress the antagonist.

They wanted to team up and deal her a head-on blow, right?

Then, lets wait and see!