Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 506

Chapter 506 To Slap Ones Face Regardless Of Nationality 4

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"Lets start!"

Tai En, whom Lin Wanwan played, was a male serial killer. Currently, he was being caught by the police, who had relentlessly chased after him.

He did not panic at all. He leaned lazily against the chair and looked at the stern policeman, who was standing opposite him. He smiled casually.

"Policeman, can you give me a cigarette to smoke?"

It was obviously a gorgeous female face. However, the charm that radiated from her movements was more flirtatious than a mans.

The policeman ignored him and said a long list of persuasive words. Finally, he sighed, "Tai En, theres still time to turn back."

"Turn back?" Tai En held up a finger and shook it. "The Buddha cant change me. The devils arms is the home I return to."


Tai En interrupted him, "Policeman, are you married? Do you have children?"

"Married for five years. I have a daughter whos three years old."

"Same as me."

A trace of color flashed past Tai Ens eyes. After that, he lifted his head and smiled slightly. "When you go home from work one day, preparing to celebrate your fifth marriage anniversary with your dear wife, you push open the door and see your wife lying in a pool of blood and your three-year-old daughter naked, abused, and dead. What will you do?"

The police read a deep sadness and even more craziness from Tai Ens eyes.

His body trembled and he didnt know what to say.

"Let me tell you what you should do."

Tai En stood up and approached him step by step. "You have to catch that a*shole! Use the sharpest knife to hack him to death! You have to let everyone know! A blood debt must be repaid with fresh blood!"

That pair of eyes, which gradually turned scarlet, and the highly suffocating atmosphere were like a giant net that completely engulfed the trainees from Country G.

According to the plot, she should be able to refute Lin Wanwan. However, her mind had turned blank. It was as if she was facing a real murderer and she could not help but take two steps back.

The confrontation had changed dramatically

Tai En, who should have been rebuked angrily by the police, now served as a mighty and superior emperor.

The other party didnt say her lines after a long while. Lin Wanwan could not be bothered with hers either. She lifted her head and looked at the sky. There were tears as she laughed.

"Policeman, do you still think I can turn back?"

The end.

For a long time, no one broke the dead silence in the room.

Clap clap clap!

Su Yanchen was the first to applaud. Both his cheeks had become red slightly due to the agitation.

Next, Gu Yien started clapping too.

As for Teacher Cai and the other two local trainees, they were still immersed in the shock Lin Wanwan had brought them.

After a while, they looked at Yanxi, who had a twisted expression.

She no longer had the self-confidence she had before. Her face had turned pale, and cold sweat had started to form on her forehead. She looked like she was in a sorry state.

Under the double suppression of Lin Wanwans aura and acting skills, she was completely defeated!

Lin Wanwan regained her usual look. She walked step by step and stopped in front of the two trainees, who were still happily ridiculing them just moments ago.

"Have you seen my capabilities now?"

Under Lin Wanwans cold and indifferent gaze, the two of them thought of what they had said before. Their cheeks seemed to sting with pain, and they could not wait to find a hole to drill in.


Lin Wanwan laughed. She followed their arrogant posture, returning like for like.

"Theres a type of frog at the bottom of a well in this world thats the most laughable. They obviously dont have the qualifications to judge others, but they are so arrogant that they think they are invincible. Whos the bumpkin I guess we know it best in our hearts?"