Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 507

Chapter 507 To Slap Ones Face Regardless Of Nationality 5

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"" The two of them were so angry that they trembled.

Lin Wanwan could feel their anger, and her lips curved up slightly.

Unwilling to take this lying down? Hold it!

After stepping out of the country, she would no longer keep a low profile.

If someone didnt offend her, she wouldnt offend the other party. If someone offended her, she would teach him how to be a person!

Gu Yien and Su Yanchen saw that the two of them had been forced to be speechless. They laughed and instantly had a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment.

However, that Teacher Cai could not stand it any longer and used fluent Xia language to criticize her, "Lin Wanwan, dont go too overboard. Although those kids have not said nice words before, they are still young. Cant you be lenient wherever possible? Or are you saying that Xia countrys etiquette is this bad?"

Oh, he was really shameless.

"Sorry, I dont know what being lenient wherever possible is. I only know to return like for like."


Teacher Cai flew into a rage and was about to use his status to deduct points from Lin Wanwan and drive her out.

At this moment, an elite man wearing a suit walked in.

"Director Min."

The people from Country G, including Teacher Cai, immediately greeted him.

"I have seen what happened just now."

Teacher Cai looked happy and was about to complain when Director Min looked coldly at him.

"Youre fired."

It was as if Teacher Cai was struck by lightning. He had not yet asked why when Director Min waved his hands and got two security guards to escort him out.

Finally, Director Min looked at those three trainees and lectured them with a stern look, "Your mission here is to learn, not to be scheming. If something similar happens again, get lost!"

It was hard for the three of them to have gotten this training opportunity. If they were driven out, they were afraid that they would die before they even started their career as a celebrity.

"Yes" they replied in a trembling voice, then lowered their heads and walked out like quails.

Director Min stopped in front of Lin Wanwan and said with all sincerity, "The three of you, Im apologizing on behalf of them. Im very sorry. I guarantee this wont happen again. I hope you can forgive them this once."

Lin Wanwan sensed a subtle trace of respect in his tone and thought playfully,Did this have to do with Si Han or Lu Zhanbei?

If not for someones instructions, she wouldnt believe that the companys top management would bother himself with such a small matter.

"Its just a small conflict. No need to take it to heart."

Listening to what she said, Su Yanchen and Gu Yien naturally followed suit and nodded.

Director Min re-arranged a training room and mentor for the three of them and even personally sent them to the dormitory, which had long been prepared.

Before Su Yanchen headed back to rest, he hesitated for a while. Eventually, he walked over.

"Lin Wanwan, thank you. Also your acting skills are really good. Youre the best out of all the newbie actors Ive ever seen!"

He was really shocked at the time.

Lin Wanwan saw his shy expression and suddenly felt that this Little Fresh Meat was not too annoying after all. She said a rare sentence to him, "I believe you want to rely on your own capabilities to let those people who question you to shut their mouths, right?"

Su Yanchen nodded heavily.

"Then, learn it well. Its getting late. Head back early to rest. There are still lessons in the afternoon."

After sending Su Yanchen off, Lin Wanwan closed the dormitory door. When she turned, she saw Gu Yien looking at her with admiration.

"Wanwan, I have seen your TV dramas and movies before, and I always thought that your acting skills were not bad. However, you have improved so much today and are completely different from before"