Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 508

Chapter 508 Whos The Weakling?

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Lin Wanwan smiled without saying anything. But of course. After all, she had fully showcased her capabilities.

Since she decided to fight back, she naturally had to be more ruthless.

"Even the famous actors and actresses in the entertainment circle cant be compared to you"

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan frowned. "Yien, dont say such words when youre back home. Be low key. The outstanding ones usually bear the brunt of the attack."


Gu Yien stuck out her tongue and sat up straight. Her eyes flashed with wild ambition.

"Ill work hard too. One of these days, Ill be like you. Whoever dares to hit my face, Ill slap them back hard!"

She also wanted to be respected and envied like Lin Wanwan

"Go for it."

As long as theres wild ambition, one would be able to succeed.

Lin Wanwan began her own training career.

Based on her acting skills and experience, there was nothing much the teachers here could teach her. Also, she wasnt sure if that Director Min had given some instructions but she was still free to come and go even during strict training periods.

On the other hand, Gu Yien and Su Yanchen were determined and tried hard to improve themselves every day in the training room.

Lin Wanwan understood that complacency marked the start of regression. Once she was free, she would practice non-stop.

Of course, she didnt forget one important thing, which was to give serial calls to Lu Zhanbei every day.

However, regardless of what time she called, Lu Zhanbei was always in great spirits once he received her calls.

Lin Wanwans intentions went down the drain, and she was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

In the afternoon, she had wanted to take a nap. However, she could not sleep despite tossing and turning. Thus, she used her mobile and sent Lu Zhanbei a message.

"Im bored. Come chat with me."

After she waited for him for five minutes, Lu Zhanbei didnt reply.

Lin Wanwan glanced at the time, then calculated the time difference between both countries.

Was Lu Zhanbei asleep?

She laughed evilly and was about to make a nuisance call when she heard a notification sound. There was a new message on her mobile.

"What about?"

"Why did you appear only now? It couldnt be that you felt lonely in the middle of the night and went to the washroom to relieve yourself, right?"

Lu Zhanbei replied, "Yes, and I used your photo."

Lin Wanwans lips twitched as she continued to type.

"Dear user, you have used four minutes and thirty seconds this time around, defeating 0.1% of the users in the world. I hereby give you the title of Weakling, and I hope youll work harder in the future."

After that, Lu Zhanbei didnt reply.


Lin Wanwan, who thought that she had scored one back for herself, laughed and rolled on the bed.

Suddenly, a series of knocks could be heard.


Lin Wanwan thought that Gu Yien had returned. When the door opened, she had not yet seen the face of the person standing outside the door when the other party dashed in and lifted the unprepared her up horizontally.

After that, he used his foot to hook the door and quickly rushed in. He even threw the confused Lin Wanwan onto the bed.

All of these happened as fast as a tornado.

While everything was in a blur, the mans body had pressed her down heavily. A slender finger hooked her chin. His phoenixes were lightly teasing, and he smiled with seduction.

"Whos the weakling?"

"" Lin Wanwan looked at the flawless face before her eyes and didnt recover herself even after a long time.

"Lu Zhanbei!" She nearly jumped out. She was both surprised and happy as she said, "Why did you launch a surprise attack again? You didnt say hello to me either!"

"This is not the main point." Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow. "Answer me first. Whos the weakling? And that percentage you mentioned, how did you come up with it?"