Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 509

Chapter 509 Having A Cigarette After The Matters Done

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Looking into his deep gaze, Lin Wanwan felt uneasy. The next moment, she felt that there was nothing to be afraid of and glared back, unwilling to admit herself to be outdone.

"Those are my experiences. Dont you know that Im famous for being flirtatious in the past as well?"

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes and half-laughed. "So, you have experienced it before?"

"Of course!"

"Seen it? Touched it?"

"I have had to!"

Lin Wanwan understood it now. When together with a hooligan like Lu Zhanbei, she had to be more thick-skinned.

He had bullied her previously. She was going to get back at him today!

Lu Zhanbei looked at her going all out. He suddenly curved his lips and smiled.

He was born good-looking. Such a smile was simply to die for.

"Very good." He bowed his head and his warm breath was blown onto the side of Lin Wanwans cheeks. "Then Im going to let you experience it again today."

Lin Wanwan had not yet reacted when Lu Zhanbei began to roam his hands up and down.

"This is a dormitory. Dont mess around!"

If Gu Yien returned and witnessed this scene, where would her face lie?!

"Dont worry, theres someone keeping a lookout for us."

"Ah-choo!" Gu Mo, who was outside the door, sneezed appropriately, making his presence known.

While Lin Wanwan was speechless, her clothes had already been more or less removed by Lu Zhanbei.

She could not break free. In a moment of desperation, she could only persuade him in a gentle voice, "You also wouldnt want our first time to happen in such a place, right? Why dont you wait for me to be back in the country and find an auspicious date?"

Lu Zhanbei stopped his movements. After being in deep thoughts for a while, he nodded. "Youre right."

Lin Wanwans heart relaxed. "Then"

Without waiting for her to finish speaking, Lu Zhanbei cast a meaningful glance at her. "I have a good idea to get the best of both worlds."

Lin Wanwan did not have the chance to ask him what his idea was; Lu Zhanbei had already grabbed her hand and slowly moved it downward.


Damn! Why didnt he go to heaven!

Although Lin Wanwan tried her best to resist it, she eventually succumbed to the big hooligans threat.

When it ended, it was already close to an hour later.

Lin Wanwans face sank as she flung her aching arms. Compared to her messy clothes that had the look of a victim, Lu Zhanbei was still neat and clean. There wasnt even a fold on his clothes.

He leaned against the bed frame lazily and put a cigarette in his mouth. He was about to light it when he inadvertently met an angry line of sight.

He turned his head and asked elegantly, "Having a cigarette after the matters done?"

Curse his ancestors from eighteen generations!

He was, of course, feeling good. However, how would they settle the score of her being bullied?

Lin Wanwan was about to start scolding him when Lu Zhanbei seemed to have thought of something and took the cigarette down.

"I forgot you dont like the smell of cigarettes."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. She momentarily forgot to settle the score with him. "How did you know I dont like the smell of cigarettes? Even Si Han doesnt know about this."

Indeed, she didnt like the smell. However, in this day and age, she had to force herself to be used to it.

"I have realized it long ago. As long as someone smoked in front of you, you could not help but frown."

It was also from that moment that Lu Zhanbei no longer smoked. At the very most, he just smelled it.

Lin Wanwans heart felt a little conflicted at this answer.

Only when one truly cared about someone would he or she pay attention to such small details.

The anger in Lin Wanwan dissipated by more than half. She rubbed her lips lightly and pretended to urge with annoyance, "You should get going. Be careful. Dont be seen by others."

Lu Zhanbei got off the bed and stood in front of Lin Wanwan. "Before I leave, let me ask you a question."

"Ask ahead!"

"After the experience just now, do you still insist Im a weakling?"