Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Million Watt Smile

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Looking at her, Tang Chen smirked.

Meanwhile, on the stage, An Qiao was getting bombarded by questions from reporters and from the audience.

“Director An, I’ve heard that you have been contemplating about which actress to use for the character Bai Xianxian. You even rejected Hai Lan, who is one of the top four actresses in the country.”

“Director An, please talk about why you chose Lin Wanwan!”

Compared to the reporters’, the audiences’ questions were way tougher.

“Lin Wanwan has mental problems. How can someone like her take on such a difficult role? There must be some inside stories!”

An Qiao snorted,‘As if you guys saw it.’

“Lin Wanwan does have some issues, but she’s pretty good-looking. Director An, did you give the role to her due to a certain unspoken relationship between the two of you?”

What the hell!

No matter how desperate he was, he wouldn’t have targeted a child!

“Lin Wanwan doesn’t deserve to act as Bai Xianxian. If she is the confirmed actress, we are never going to watch this movie!”


The angered audience became hysterical, and the scene was turning into a riot.

These people are blind as a bat!

He didn’t need those who can’t appreciate movies for the box office anyways!

An Qiao was running out of patience. At that moment, he saw a person emerging at the end of the red carpet. Stunned, he took a few heartbeats before getting back to the audience.

“Speak of the ‘devil.’ If you really what to know the reason I chose Lin Wanwan as the supporting actress, why not see it for yourself!”

An Qiao pointed, smirking like a cunning fox.

Everyone’s sight followed An Qiao’s finger, and what greeted their eyes had them at a loss of words.

Lin Wanwan changed into the outfit of a consort, chests wrapped with a glorious white tube dress and a fairy’s cape flowing loosely down her shoulders.

Light pink ancient costumes layered neatly, the silk and its shades gave her an alluring aura of fairyism.

Her hair was tied high up, pure and elegant; pearls hanging from her hairpin brushed against her cheeks. She was glowing with grandeur. Her beauty blinded everyone present.

Lin Wanwan’s outfit had a really soft tone, yet as she marched towards the stage, she took over everyone with imposing force.

She was the queen!

One that was above all but the king!

The ones below the stage were stunned way longer than An Qiao.

This is Lin Wanwan?

That crazy Lin Wanwan who hysterically harassed top actor Luo Han just six months ago?

Subconsciously, everyone felt that if Consort Bai were not a fictional character, this would be how she would look like.

There was absolute silence, no one spoke a word because their pride hurt.

Lin Wanwan used a grand entrance to prove to everyone that she was the perfect person to take on the role of Bai Xianxian.

Click! Click! Click!

Rapid shutters pulled the minds of the stunned crowd back to the highlight.

Reporters were capturing Lin Wanwan’s beauty with their cameras like maniacs.

Lin Wanwan carefully adjusted her posture so that the photos would look more pleasing.

“Girl, come here.” An Qiao waved to her.

Lin Wanwan grinned obediently, attracting a wave of fascination and sounds of shutters.

They finally understood what a million-watt smile was.