Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 510

Chapter 510 Lin Wanwan I Miss You

Chapter 510: Lin Wanwan, I Miss You
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Lin Wanwan grabbed a pillow and hit him. "You better leave immediately! If you make me anxious, dont blame me for putting your mobile number on a same-gender dating site!"

Lu Zhanbei avoided it easily. He smiled and said, "Dont worry, Ill leave immediately. Im on a work trip to Country M this time around and was just passing by."

Lin Wanwan pouted. Oh please, they were in two completely opposite directions.

Passing by? My a*s!

No, wait!

"Lu Zhanbei, you came all the way here. It couldnt be that you were planning on letting me service you for your dirty-minded ideas, right?"

Lu Zhanbeis thin lips opened. He smiled lightly and instead asked, "What do you think?"

After saying this, he took off and ran.

As the door closed, a pillow was slammed against the door. It was accompanied by an angry roar, "Lu Zhanbei! Youre not a weakling, youre a scheming chicken!"

Two minutes later, Lu Zhanbei had not yet walked out of the building when the mobile in his pockets suddenly vibrated.

He opened the message. It was from Lin Wanwan.

"Dear user, you have used fifty-one minutes this time around, defeating 99% of the users in the world. I hereby give you the title of Five-star Prostitute. I also want to congratulate you for unlocking the achievement of not being able to live without being a hooligan. I hope you work harder to upgrade your skills and better serve the Queen in the future!"

Lu Zhanbei was speechless.

Five-star Prostitute? To think she could come up with that. She was really not willing to take this lying down.

He smiled lightly. His slender fingers jumped on the screen.

"The reason why Im here was that, Lin Wanwan, I miss you."

Time advanced day by day; it was already a month later, and she had reached the end of her training in the blink of an eye.

Two days before returning to the country, Lin Wanwan received Si Hans call.

"Dont return to the country yet. I accepted a product endorsement for you. Coincidentally, it would be filmed at Country Gs Sands Beach. Come back after filming the advertisement."

"Sure, what type of endorsement?"


Although Lin Wanwan had not yet climbed to the position of a grade-A actor, her popularity was relatively stable. Si Han had picked an endorsement of a certain caliber that would not have any issues with the quality or affect the reputations of artistes in any way.

"Ok, then its settled."

At 1 pm in the afternoon, Manager Yan from the brand Queen personally drove to the dormitory downstairs to pick Lin Wanwan up to film the advertisement.

Lin Wanwan booked the plane tickets for Gu Yien and got her to return first. After that, she followed Manager Yan to the beach.

It was summer, the peak season for travel. Tourists from all corners of the world gathered together on the beach.

The arrival of Lin Wanwan and the rest attracted a few peoples attention.

However, she was not famous in Country G. The tourists just casually threw them a few glances, then proceeded to play on their own.

Lin Wanwan had not filmed an advertisement for a long time. This time, it was at such a beautiful place too. She removed her shoes and stood barefoot on the soft sand. Words could not describe how relaxed she felt.

Looking at the vast expanse of the blue sea, she could not help but take a photo and was about to send it to Lu Zhanbei.

Suddenly, someone bumped into her. She staggered and nearly fell.


The middle-aged woman who bumped into her didnt even look at her and casually brushed her off with a word. As she continued to chat happily with her companion, she munched on pistachios.

She had left quite a number of pistachio shells on the sand.

Lin Wanwan wasnt calculative about being bumped into. She just silently glanced at the pistachio shells, which she had casually dumped to the sand, and prepared to stretch out her hand and pick them up.

This middle-aged woman had spoken Xia language and was from Xia country.

Not too far away, several people dressed like tourists surrounded the cleaner responsible for clearing the rubbish on the beach. As they pointed their fingers at that middle-aged woman, they used G countrys language to say words of disdain.