Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 511

Chapter 511 A Fly In The Ointment

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"There are signs for no littering everywhere. Why is this person of such low quality?"

"This is a public space. She has destroyed the environment for travel. My feet have already been scratched. I ask for you to drive her out immediately!"

"From the language she speaks, she seems to be from Xia country. They are known as the state of etiquette. How laughable!"

When she heard this, not only did Lin Wanwans face sink, even the faces of the people who were sent by Queen to film the advertisement were flushed red.

The voices of these discussions were not soft, and they attracted criticism from more and more tourists.

That middle-aged woman obviously heard what they were saying. Not only was she not ashamed, she even spit out a pistachio shell without any care.

"These people really have nothing better to do. Why are they not playing on their own but bothering with us instead? We have paid for our travels here. On what basis are they not allowing me to throw rubbish?"

Feeling that the gazes from all sides were full of disdain, she seemed to be angered and threw all the pistachios in her hands directly to the ground.

"I just want to throw them. Lets see what they can do"

She had not yet finished her words when a slender hand suddenly reached over and grabbed her wrist forcefully. It was so painful that she screeched.

"Pick them up!"

The middle-aged woman looked at Lin Wanwan, whose face had turned cold. She was shocked at first. Then, she shouted, "Arent you that little star?! Let me go quickly! If you dont, when I return to the country, Ill expose to the media that you relied on your fame to bully commoners!"

Lin Wanwan didnt loosen her grip and repeated the three words, "Pick them up!"

"Dont be such a busybody! There are so many people here. Even if I dont throw them, other people will throw them sooner or later! Little bitch, quickly let go of me. If not, Im going to teach you a lesson on behalf of your parents!"

Lin Wanwan looked at her arrogant face and smiled coldly. Then, she pulled her away fiercely.

As the middle-aged woman struggled, she shouted, "What are you trying to do? Damned girl, little bitch, let me go quickly!"

Lin Wanwan replied without looking back, "Bringing you to the police station!"

The middle-aged woman seemed flustered. She appeared to be tough on the outside when she was weak on the inside, and she shouted, "I havent done anything wrong. Why are you bringing me there? Im not going!"

Lin Wanwan stopped in her tracks. She looked back and laughed coldly. "To execute you there by shooting."

Seeing that her face had changed and her eyes had revealed a trace of fear, Lin Wanwan smiled more coldly. However, the way she spoke was with hypocritical concern.

"Dont worry. Even if you dont die now, you will die sooner or later. Why not finish things now so that you wont waste the countrys resources?"

She borrowed the words from the middle-aged woman previously and refuted her perfectly.

"You little slutty bitch, why are you so vicious"

Anger rose in that middle-aged womans heart and she started to scold Lin Wanwan like a shrew. However, this was interrupted by a round of applause.

The applause pulled back the crowds thoughts. Everyone started to clap fervently. Besides a number of Asians, there were also a few blond Europeans and Americans.

"Well said! To deal with people of such low quality, you have to do it this way!"

"Beautiful girl, well done!"

"It looks like people from Xia country are not completely without quality. Such a person can be found everywhere. They belong to the same country. Why is there such a huge difference?"

Lin Wanwan turned a deaf ear to these discussions and said, "Im giving you one last chance."

She looked fixedly at the middle-aged woman who was obviously flustered but still displayed a look that says she was unwilling to admit defeat. She repeated her words in an imperative tone.

"Pick them up!"

A sea breeze messed up Lin Wanwans mid-length hair.

Her agile cat-like eyes were extremely cold. The middle-aged womans legs trembled at this sight.