Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 512

Chapter 512 Are You Monitoring Me?

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She subconsciously squatted down and quickly picked up the pistachio shells on the ground.

After picking them up, she realized that she had lost face and tried to give off the impression that she was throwing a few vicious words at her.

"Forget it, lets go quickly!"

The middle-aged womans companion could not tolerate the gazes of disdain from all sides and quickly pulled her along.

She glared fiercely at Lin Wanwan. In the end, she didnt say anything. She threw everything in a rubbish box and left in a sorry state.

The whisperings all around could be heard without end. Lin Wanwan was about to leave.

At this time, she felt that there was a line of sight nailed on her and she subconsciously turned her head.

She looked past the crowd and saw the back view of a man walking away in the distance.

He was tall and slender. His thin white shirt revealed a good figure with wide shoulders and a thin waist. The messy strands of his hair moved slightly with the sea breeze, and an exquisite half-profile was faintly visible.

The back alone was noble and elegant. It was eye-catching, like a picture pleasing to the eye.

Lin Wanwan squinted both eyes. She turned around and left.

After such a commotion, wherever Lin Wanwan appeared next, there would always be people coming over to be bystanders. These included some young boys who wanted her mobile number.

Lin Wanwan rejected all of them and invested herself in the filming of the advertisement.

She changed into a simple and elegant long dress. She wore a diamond necklace of the latest Queen design, making her neck look long and her skin as white as snow.

"We can begin."

Lin Wanwan stood barefooted on the soft sand. She had a lonely expression and gave off the image of a melancholic and artistic young girl.

She used her slender fingertips to gently play with the hair strands hanging by her ear, revealing the butterfly stud earrings and butterfly gemstone ring on her finger, adding radiance and beauty to each other.

The director finally announced that they could wrap up at 9 pm.

After having dinner, Lin Wanwan was not in a rush to head back and rest. She returned to the beach and took a stroll.

After walking for a while, Lin Wanwan sat down. She soaked both legs in the sea water. As she kicked the water, she took out her mobile and sent Lu Zhanbei a message.

"What are you doing?"

"Watching King of Limits.’"

Only then did Lin Wanwan recall that today was Saturday.

"Is it nice?"

"Its ok."

"Ill be back the day after tomorrow."


Both of them chatted for a while. Lin Wanwan was complaining in her heart about how Lu Zhanbei didnt understand her intentions and was about to express them a little more clearly when Lu Zhanbeis next message arrived.

"I know what youre trying to say. Come back quickly. Im afraid I cant hold back and would fly over to find you again."

Lu Zhanbei sent a photo of two rabbits kissing. Lin Wanwan looked at it quietly, and the sweetness in her heart slowly grew.

This man could simply read her mind and control her well. However, she was willing to endure this gladly.

She had to admit that during this period that she was dating Lu Zhanbei, her feelings for him were getting deeper day by day.

Lin Wanwan was about to reply when Tang Chen sent a message at this time.

"Is the beach pretty at night?"

Lin Wanwan was shocked. She swept her gaze over her surroundings vigilantly but didnt see any suspicious characters.

"Tang Chen, are you monitoring me?"

"I can guess this easily. Need I monitor you?"

Lin Wanwan pouted. She was about to pocket her mobile when Tang Chen sent another message over.

"Lu Zhanbei didnt accompany you?"

"None of your business!"

"This boyfriend is too incompetent. Dear, I sincerely recommend myself to you again. To bring me home, you do not need 999 yuan. You dont even need 9 yuan and 90 cents. As long as you nod your head, Ill fly over immediately and accompany you to enjoy the night scenery of the beach. Youll regret it for life if you miss out on such a good deal."