Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 514

Chapter 514 No Possible Escape

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"Mr. Qi, hello."

Both of them shook hands and let go very quickly.

Qi Junze dug out a handkerchief and carefully wiped the hand that just shook Lin Wanwans hand. He even wiped the areas in between the fingers.

After doing all these, he casually threw the handkerchief aside. Then, he explained to Lin Wanwan, "Sorry for being rude. Im not used to having physical contact with other people."

Hah. Lin Wanwan laughed coldly in her heart.Who was the one who reached out his hand first, eh?


Qi Junze saw Lin Wanwan rubbing her bare arms with both hands. A dark glimmer of light flashed past his eyes, but he said politely on the surface, "I would like to invite you, Miss, to where Im staying so you could drink something. Hope you can give me a chance to pay attention to you."

If these words were said by another man, Lin Wanwan would definitely doubt that his intentions were not pure.

However, this Qi Junze his intentions would definitely not be so simple.

It looked like she was going to be invited for a cup of tea.

"Mr. Qi, before I promise you anything, I want to ask you a question."

"Please go ahead."

Lin Wanwan glanced at Qi Junze, who was standing at least one meter away from her. Her eyes flashed, and she deliberately leaned closer to him and said in an ambiguous tone, "There are generally two reasons why a man would invite a woman to his house late at night. One, he wants to have one round of sex with her. Two, he wants to have many rounds of sex with her. Which type do you belong to?"

Without waiting for her to finish leaning over, Qi Junze had taken two steps back immediately. Lin Wanwan even noticed a sense of ruthlessness that flashed past his eyes.

She smiled lightly. She was certain that this Qi Junze hated her very much.

But why?

She was very sure that this was the first time they had met, and they didnt have any grudges between them before.


Qi Junzes strange look lasted for only a moment. He very quickly restored the appearance of a gentleman.

"I just feel that we are old friends at the first meeting and want to have a good chat with you. I think Miss wont refuse my little request, right?"

His tone was gentle but subtly commanding.

The fists hanging by Lin Wanwans side clenched, then immediately loosened. Her innocent face carried a light smile, looking tender and harmless.

"Of course. Mr. Qi, please lead the way."

"Please hold on." After saying this, Qi Junze snapped his fingers.

Within a minute, a rumbling sound could be heard from over her head.

Lin Wanwan looked up and saw a white helicopter circling in from a distance and eventually stopping at the golden beach.


Qi Junze did a gesture that indicated ladies first. Lin Wanwan took a deep breath, grabbed the handrails, and made her way up step by step.

Midway, she suddenly turned her head back. She looked past Qi Junze, who was behind her, and toward the palm grove on the right. A self-mocking smile curved up on her lips.

"Why dont you invite those gentlemen up as well? There are a lot of mosquitoes at night. It must be quite uncomfortable to be bitten."

When he heard this, Qi Junzes black pupils shrank. A playful smile appeared on his thin and cold lips.

Clap, clap, clap! He clapped and shouted, "Come on out!"

As his words fell, a few black shadows immediately emerged from the palm grove. They were all dressed in black suits, and a vivid-looking rose was embroidered on their front pockets.

A few people stood in front of Qi Junze and bowed respectfully.

Lin Wanwan glanced at the mosquito bites on their faces and her heart felt cold.

Long before Qi Junze had tried to stop her, she had already sensed these people standing by at the exit of the beach.

Once she had the intention to escape, they would definitely capture her.