Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 519

Chapter 519 Here Shoot Me Here

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Lin Wanwan made up her mind. However, she looked like she experienced a huge struggle on the surface and nodded heavily, as if she had gone all out.

"Ok. However, do you mind going out first? I will be shy."

Qi Junze squinted his eyes slightly. "Of course. Have loads of fun. Ill be waiting for you outside."

Hed bent down, whispering in a gentle voice like a lover. However, his eyes were chillingly cold.

Once the lounge door closed, Qi Junzes smiling face immediately turned extremely dark in an instant.

He dug out his handkerchief and rubbed his faces side, which had inadvertently touched Lin Wanwans hair just now. That feeling of disgust was almost impossible to cover up.

"Switch on the monitor. When it ends inside, save the footage in a CD."

If Lin Wanwan was faking it, he had nothing much to lose.

If she was really so easy in her morals, then this CD could act as a reunion gift for Tang Chen, whom he had not met for quite some time!


"Ill take a shower. If theres nothing, dont disturb me."

Qi Junze felt that his body was stained with Lin Wanwans smell. He could not wait to get into the bathroom.

Half an hour later, he walked out with wet black hair. The loose bathrobe on his male-model body and the water droplets rolling about on his exquisite collarbone added a few bits of flirtatiousness.

Half of his body was nestled into a soft leather sofa. A sexily dressed woman immediately came over to wipe his hair dry.

"Whats the situation inside?"

Once Qi Junze spoke, a bodyguard who was standing at the door and holding back his words immediately stepped forward.

"Its best for you to take a look personally. That woman surnamed Lin"

His words were not yet finished when a loud bang sounded, as if a heavy object had been smashed to the ground. A rush of noisy footsteps closely followed.

"What happened?"

Qi Junze frowned and he picked up the gold-rimmed spectacles on the table.


A leg kicked open the room door.

At the same time, the men surrounding Qi Junze drew out their guns simultaneously and aimed them at the young man who entered the door.

Being aimed at by a dozen pistols, not only was the man not in the least bit fearful, but he also laughed casually instead.

"Oh, trying to kill me?"

He swayed in with a cigarette in his mouth. He stopped in front of a bodyguard holding a gun. He lifted his hand lazily and fastened the other partys wrist quickly, powerfully, and accurately. Then, he aimed the muzzle at his own temple and smiled evilly.

"Here, shoot me here."

"Young Tang"

The bodyguards hand went limp. He could not be bothered to pick up the gun that fell to the ground and subconsciously looked at Qi Junze.

Qi Junze nestled himself into the sofa again and looked at Tang Chen with a smile, as if he were a kind elder condoning a childs unreasonable behavior.

Tang Chen sneered, "Im standing right here for you to kill me but you dont even have the guts to do so. Yet, you still dare to point a gun at me?"

He stretched out his long leg and kicked that bodyguard out to a meter away. "Get lost!"

At this time, Qi Junze smiled lightly. The gold-rimmed spectacles blocked the light in his eyes. "You useless bunch of people have angered young Tang. Why are you still here? Get lost."

"Yes!" A row of people left, trembling with fear.

"Come over and sit."

Tang Chen glanced at Qi Junze. His lips curved and he sat grandly opposite him.

Qi Junze looked at his cold face and his eyes shone. "Tangtang, we havent met for a long time."

Upon hearing the word "Tangtang," Tang Chen felt disgusted. With little patience, he interrupted him and went straight to the point. "Im not here to talk about the old days. Where is Lin Wanwan!"