Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Takes Skills To Be A Fool

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Lin Wanwan walked up the stage holding the corner of her dress. By the time she sat down, she had restrained her aura. Right now, she looked like an innocent girl who had not stepped into the real world.

Her clear eyes swept across the audience, softening everyone’s heart.

Reporters did not miss a single chance to take her photos. After finishing countless cartridges, it was finally the interview session.

The leading actor and actress finally hit the stage. The actress was Hai Lan, who became one of the top four actresses this year thanks to her new action movie.

As she walked amorously to her seat, she heard someone whispering in the crowd, “Hai Lan is a skillful actress, and I’ve always felt that she looks great. But compared to Lin Wanwan, she seems to have nothing remarkable.”

Many nodded with acknowledgment.

As a solid method actress, Hai Lan’s looks was only reasonable.

She was offended, but under the eyes of many, she sat as if nothing happened.

The reporters who wanted to investigate how Lin Wanwan attained the role were

They were not blind!

“Ms. Lin, we heard that you did not graduate from acting school, and you are still young. How are you going to perform well as Bai Xianxian?”

Lin Wanwan did not answer. Instead, she quietly pulled An Qiao’s sleeve.

This was not the time to show her acting skills, she just had to be a soft-spoken, lovely girl.

“Cough! Cough!”

An Qiao pulled the reporters’ attention back to himself.

“Although she has certain differences from normal people like you and me, Lin Wanwan is unquestionably a talented actress. I plead for your trust in my ability. Please look forward to her acting, I believe she will certainly not let you down.”

Is she really different from us?‘ The audience thought.

She couldn’t blame the audience for their doubts. Lin Wanwan’s performance was so perfect that no one could sense any foolishness.

“Ms. Lin, did you join this industry for Luo Han?”

Lin Wanwan was speechless for a moment, “”

This was a tricky question, any wrong word would mean her being torn apart by Luo Han’s fans.

“My dream is simple, I just will for someone to like me.”

Her smile was sweet and tender, yet her eyes showed sorrow brought upon by her past. Everyone could immediately picture her trying to socialize but only getting cold shoulders all the time.

What a poor girl.

“Ms. Lim, about Sheng Rui and you”

An Qiao hurriedly cut the reporters off before things got out of hand.

“Everyone, if my leading actor and actress quit the job because you keep ignoring them, who will pay for my losses?”

An Qiao said jokingly, leading to their gentle waves of laughter.


Not wanting to embarrass An Qiao, the reporters turned to Hai Lan and the male lead Chu Yang, starting a new round of interview with the same old questions.

Lin Wanwan was relieved. Acting like a fool, especially one that drew pity, required skills.

The media had finally finished their interview. Lin Wanwan got back to the lounge and changed out of her clothes. She also took the chance to thank the producer.

“You don’t have to thank me. By the way, Ms. Lin, Mr. Tang wanted me to remind you that you still owe him a meal.”

Although Lin Wanwan was a little reluctant, Tang Chen did help her. It’s a fact.

A celebration dinner came right after the opening ceremony. All staffs sat together and got to know each other while enjoying delicacies. The atmosphere was pretty friendly.

When Lin Wanwan came in, she was called to sit beside An Qiao.

“Just stay for a while and make yourself at home, I’ll get someone to send you back soon.”

To this foolish girl, An Qiao always felt like he should give some extra care.