Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 521

Chapter 521 The Woman Who Owns My Heart

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"Get out!" Tang Chen kicked with all his strength. "Qi Junze, if you have the guts to drug Lin Wanwan, I will never go easy on you."

The door burst wide open.

Qi Junzes eyes flickered with contemplation as he glanced at Tang Chens almost desperate expression.

His lips restored its curvature when he heard the subtle moan.

He didnt think that Lin Wanwan would be such a sl*t.

Fine, its more fun for Tang Chen to unwrap the gift by himself.

The lounge was spacious, and Tang Chen took a while to locate Lin Wanwan at the corner of the room.

The enraging scene that he had imagined did not appear. In fact, what he saw was the complete opposite.

Lin Wanwans hair was down as she strolled casually.

A crimson cane was held in her hand, and like a venomous viper, it struck with every flick of her wrist.

The victim was a man shivering in fear, attempting to make a run for his life.

"Keep your mouth shut!"

Another stroke tore into the mans skin, robbing him of words. Only the sound of his faint breathing was left in the room.

"Good boy," Lin Wanwan encouraged before pushing the guy on. "Keep running! Its getting boring."

The man ran off again, barely avoiding the cane shot.

Lin Wanwan laughed and chased after him, as if she was walking her pet dog.

Every time the man reached his limit, she would punish him til he started running again.

Again and again

Tang Chens worry and anger faded when he saw this show.

Thats the woman he loved, brutal and refreshing.

Tang Chen didnt bother Lin Wanwans entertainment. He lazed against the wall with a cigar between his lips and watched as the scene went on.

When Qi Junze caught up with him, his beam dissipated into thin air.


Tang Chens eyes stuck to Lin Wanwans figure, sparkling with interest and a subtle sense of pride.

"This is the woman who owns my heart. Not so bad, huh?"

His bragging was a pain to Qi Junzes ears.

He scanned Lin Wanwans rosy cheeks with eerie eyes.

This woman was putting on an act, and the funny part was he was played like a fool!

If someone dared to mess around with him, then shed better be ready to receive his rage!

Tang Chen felt Qi Junzes killing intent deep from his bones and unnoticeably signaled with his fingers.

Lin Wanwan finally came back to her senses when she met Qi Junzes threatening eyes.

Crap! She forgot about this guy!

Qi Junze looked like he was going to kill her the next second.

Lin Wanwans prediction was on point.

Looking at the man who was being tortured by her and feeling the warning glare that Tang Chen was giving him, he grinned.

Raising his hand, he was ready to give the command.

Tang Chen licked his lips, and he got into position to strike.

The air could be cut with a knife.

Qi Junzes hand sliced across the air!

At that very moment, things took a quick turn!


A rain of bullets landed on the glass. Although they were bulletproof, it didnt take long for them to fall to pieces under the continuous shooting.

The loud shattering covered the sound of a booming engine before a beam of light shone from outside lit up the entire lounge!