Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 522

Chapter 522 Hes Here

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Tang Chen relaxed his tightened fist and smiled with a sigh of relief.

Hes finally here.

Lin Wanwan retreated to take cover, avoiding the rain of bullets.

Qi Junzes face sank. He stopped his men from taking any action and turned to Tang Chen.

"Tang Chen, you brought these people here!"

Although it wasnt his headquarters, it was a somewhat hidden base of his.

If there werent a guide, the attackers wouldnt have located them with such efficiency and he wouldnt have been so unprepared.

Tang Chen dusted his clothes, looking unbothered by Qi Junzes accusations.

"Its me."

Tang Chen was confident that he could have ensured Lin Wanwans safety by himself. However, he knew how crazy Qi Junze could be, and he didnt want to take the risk.

Instead, he gave Qi Junze a warning, telling him that targeting Lin Wanwan would make him join forces with Lu Zhanbei and turn on Qi Junze.

Qi Junze knew exactly what Tang Chen was thinking.

And that was the very reason that he was enraged.

Is he becoming my enemy just for the sake of Lin Wanwan?

Qi Junzes eyes were bloodshot, and his face twitched uncontrollably. His hand shifted to the pistol hidden behind his back.

Tang Chen didnt seem to notice. He was composed as usual.

In the end, Qi Junze didnt whip the gun out.

"Who did you bring?"

"Why ask when you already know the answer?"

While speaking, Tang Chen stared outside. "Hes here."

A few helicopters hovered by the French window.

The door was pulled open, and a slender figure stood firm in the hauling wind. His hair whipped about, and his sharp eyes pierced the crowd.

"Lu Zhanbei!"

The words squeezed their way out of Qi Junzes lips.

The other helicopters opened their gates, and countless men aimed their sub-machine guns at Qi Junze and his men.

Knowing the severity of the situation, Qi Junzes man spoke softly. "Mr. Qi, we just received the news that we have been surrounded. Should we"

"No, no one makes a move without my order."

"Yes, sir!"

Qi Junze wasnt any ordinary man. He kept his perfect smile on despite the raging anger in his heart.

"Lin Wanwan!" Lu Zhanbeis voice was loud and clear. "Do I have to send you an invitation?"


Lin Wanwan, who was still hiding in the corner, peeked out and witnessed Lu Zhanbeis dominant presence. "Im here!"

She dashed out, not worrying about the cold and somber eyes following her.

Before Lu Zhanbei could order his men to pull closer, Lin Wanwan had leaped out of the window.

"Lu Zhanbei, catch me!"

She jumped across a distance of a few meters toward Lu Zhanbei.

Lu Zhanbei caught the small girl in his arms. His anger turned into mock resignation when he met her sparkling eyes.

"Ill deal with you when we get back!"

He knocked her head as if was punishing a misbehaving child.

Lu Zhanbei had no plan of staying. He waved his hand, and his voice was eerier than the night.

"Kill everyone other than Tang Chen."