Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 523

Chapter 523 Who Are You?

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"Understood! Gu Mo took the lead in responding.

Qi Junze, who had been watching coldly by the side, suddenly walked over. His face carried an impeccable polite smile and his gentle voice became more approachable. "Mr. Lu, I havent seen you for a while. How are you?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at him and asked, "Who are you?"

When he heard this, Qi Junzes smile fell and there formed a twisted look in his eyes.

Lu Zhanbei actually asked who he was?

He regarded Lu Zhanbei as the biggest enemy and opponent of his in this lifetime. However, Lu Zhanbei couldnt remember him at all and only treated him as a nobody?!

Lu Zhanbei didnt mind Qi Junzes silence either. His expression was calm, and he didnt deliberately bring out his almighty and superior self. However, his innate powerfulness complemented his status as a king in a high position.

"Regardless of who you are, its useless to play the relationship card with me. Once youve touched Lin Wanwan, you must die."

"Mr. Lu, I think youre mistaken."

Qi Junze strongly suppressed the sense of foreboding evil in his heart. He looked toward Lin Wanwan, and his tone was gentle and harmless.

"As a gentleman, Ive invited Ms. Lin to come here as a visitor. Also, I believe that she had a pleasant time here."

Lu Zhanbei glanced at Lin Wanwan. She scratched her chin and mumbled, " It was pretty pleasant."

Although shed felt that danger was all around her, she wasnt treated rudely or violently along the way.

Qi Junze immediately felt that the murderous intent had dissipated quite a bit from Lu Zhanbei. Without waiting for him to continue speaking, Lin Wanwan pouted and changed the topic.

"However, Mr. Qi, you being hostile to me is an undeniable fact. If Lu Zhanbei hadnt arrived in time, I dont think you would have minded doing something to me, right?"

Lu Zhanbeis eyes turned cold again. It was very appropriate to say that he had changed his face faster than one turns a book.

Tang Chen, who was not too far away, had a look of disdain on his face.

Lu Zhanbei really looked like a damned fatuous ruler who was influenced by an evil concubine.

However, if the evil concubine was Lin Wanwan, it also wasnt too bad to be a fatuous ruler.

Qi Junze resisted the urge to shoot Lin Wanwan. He looked sincere as he said, "Ms. Lin, I admit that when I found out you have been playing me all this while, I was indeed angry. However, on account of Tang Chen, I wouldnt have touched even a strand of your hair."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes. Was he coaxing a child?

"Mr. Lu."

Qi Junzes gaze landed on Lu Zhanbei again.

"Three years ago, at the capital of Country M, in order to compete for the trading rights of a port, we were once enemies. In the end, I lost. I admire an opponent like you. When I accidentally learned about your relationship with Ms. Lin, I wanted to know very much what kind of girl you liked."

Lin Wanwan wanted to roll her eyes again. It was obvious he looked for her only because of Tang Chen, alright!?

Lu Zhanbei seemed to recall an impression of him. "So its you."

"That was why I said, I havent seen you for a while."

Tang Chen swept his eyes over Qi Junzes gently smiling face and sneered.

Based on his understanding of this wolf in sheeps clothing, the gentler he smiled, the more violence there was in his heart.

However, Tang Chen could understand this too.

Qi Junze always hoped that he could duel with Lu Zhanbei again and completely bring him down.

However, because of this situation right now, Qi Junze had confronted him without making any preparations and created this unfavorable situation. He must not be feeling good in his heart.

Even if this was so, Tang Chen was certain that if they started to battle, Qi Junze could retreat unharmed.

How could a trained wolf in sheeps clothing be caught so easily?

Tang Chen raised his voice and said, "Lu Zhanbei, bring Lin Wanwan out of here first. Ill give you an explanation about this."