Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 525

Chapter 525 The Fire Of Jealousy Was Burning Fiercely

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Tang Chen didnt hesitate at all, and this made Qi Junzes pupils shrink.

He tried his best to act as if nothing had happened and said, "Based on your capability, its not hard to get her."

"Im not that much of a loser yet. Whats the point of having her body? I want her to be willing to be together with me."

Qi Junze looked at him deeply and said, "Theres only Lu Zhanbei in Lin Wanwans eyes now. In order for her to be willing to be together with you, you have to get rid of Lu Zhanbei first. Once he dies, youll have the opportunity. By then, it would be easy to capture the beautys heart."

Tang Chen could understand it now.

"So your deal is for me to help you deal with Lu Zhanbei, and once the matters done, Lin Wanwan will be mine?"

"Yes. This time, its a real cooperation. We cant have any reservations."

Tang Chen smiled playfully.

Although he and Qi Junze had always shared a collaborative relationship, they always had reservations toward each other.

He didnt have any deep hatred for Lu Zhanbei. If he accepted this deal, he would really become enemies with Lu Zhanbei.


Once this step was taken, there was no turning back.

Qi Junzes eyes were heavy. There was faint anger in them.

"Have you really thought about it well? You know clearly in your heart how hard it is to deal with Lu Zhanbei. You also know in your heart how complicated this circle I am in is. Tangtang, I have invited you countless times in the past but you were never willing to stand on the same front with me. Now, in order to get a woman, you dont mind using your life to fight?"

Tang Chen clenched his fists. His misty eyes were flashing with a glimmer of imperativeness and wild ambition.

"Its ok to turn into a Buddha or become a devil. As long as theres a chance, Im willing to try it."

It was as if Qi Junze was tolerating something. After drawing a long breath, he stretched out his hand and said with a smile.

"Then, I wish us to have a successful cooperation."

Tang Chen shook his hand. Very quickly, they separated. "Lets talk about the details on the phone. Ill get going first."

Qi Junze rubbed the hand that Tang Chen had gripped previously, as if there was something he wanted to keep. He said half-jokingly, "Youre leaving so soon. Dont you miss me even one bit?"

What answered him was the view of Tang Chens back as he left in a deft manner.

As he walked to the door, Tang Chen suddenly turned and walked back.

"Oh right, I forgot something."

The next second, Tang Chen threw a punch fiercely at Qi Junzes right face!

It was so powerful that Qi Junze retreated three steps. His fair-skinned cheeks immediately became red and swollen. A splatter of blood even burst out from the corners of his mouth.

"This punch is the price to pay for laying a hand on Lin Wanwan. If you dare have ideas on her again, you wont be so lucky like today!"

Tang Chen turned and left.

Qi Junze stood at the original spot. His beautiful face was covered in haze.

After a long while, he stretched out his hand and wiped away the blood from the corners of his mouth. His eyes were cold.

Sensing his anger, a bodyguard whod been there for only a short while suggested tentatively, "Hes going too much overboard. Why dont you let me give him a lesso"

He had not yet finished his words when Qi Junze suddenly aimed a gun at his head.

With a bang, that man fell to the ground and died.

The other bodyguards looked down because of guilt. They didnt feel the least bit surprised at this scene.

Qi Junze was not someone easy to get along with. He looked gentle and polite, but a beast in deep sleep was living in his heart.

Nobody knew when this beast would open its eyes and destroy all the people and things he didnt see eye to eye with.

Only with Tang Chen did Qi Junze seem to have never-ending patience.

"Make some arrangements. Everyone will evacuate this place immediately."