Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 529

Chapter 529 Perfect Boyfriend

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"Ok." Lin Wanwan dashed into the washroom.

Lu Zhanbei walked to the front of the door, stretched his hand out, and opened it.

"Oh my!"

The person who was knocking on the door made an empty knock and she nearly fell into Lu Zhanbeis embrace.

Thankfully, with his sharp eyes and agile movements, he managed to take one step back. He looked on indifferently as a girl with a ponytail fell to the carpet and let out a groan of pain.

After a short while, she climbed up, enduring the pain.


When she saw Lu Zhanbei, who had a face that seemed to be sculpted by God, her face turned red and she could not shift her gaze away. She asked, stuttering, "Who are you.? Why are you in Wanwans room?"

Lu Zhanbei sized her up and frowned slightly. "Gu Yien?"

He had some impression of this girl that Lin Wanwan had wanted to bring up.

"You recognize me."

Gu Yien was stunned and her face was flushed red. Her hands involuntarily touched her clothes.

"This Mister, have we met before?"

Lu Zhanbei didnt answer her question. He turned and headed inside. "Come in."

Feeling his coldness, Gu Yien calmed down slightly.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan, who had finished washing her face, walked out. When she saw Gu Yien, she could not help but feel shocked. "Why are you here? Didnt I buy you a plane ticket for you to return to the country first?"

"I didnt manage to board the plane and I cant change the ticket. Thus, I played by myself for two days and was prepared to go back with you," Gu Yien replied absent-mindedly. Then, she looked toward Lu Zhanbei with her face flushed red. "Wanwan, this is"

"Future boyfriend." Lin Wanwan used a towel to wipe her face and didnt notice the others strange look.

Gu Yiens eyes sank. "That boyfriend you said who was fast?"

"Its him. His surname is Lu."

Lu Zhanbei raised his eyebrow at Lin Wanwan. "Im fast?"

"Isnt a weakling fast?"

"Arent I the five-star prostitute?"


Lin Wanwans laughter provoked Lu Zhanbei, and he rubbed her head hard.

This scene was reflected in Gu Yiens eyes, and she lowered her head in disappointment.

After a short while, she mustered up the courage to step forward and looked at him with a pair of sparkling eyes. "Hello, Mr. Lu. Im Wanwans friend. I hope both of you will get along well until the end of time."

This sentence resonated well with Lu Zhanbei and he revealed a rare light smile to a female other than Lin Wanwan.

"Thank you."

The lethality of this smile caused Gu Yiens face to turn completely red.

Lin Wanwan said, "Ok. Ill start work now."

Lu Zhanbei followed her and naturally held her little hand.

"Yien, wait for me here."


Gu Yien looked on as their back views disappeared. The smile on her face fell bit by bit, and her eyes showed yearning.

Wanwans boyfriend was really so handsome

From his clothing and temperament, one could tell that he came from a very good background.

How good would it be if she had such a perfect boyfriend as well

The next day, after filming the advertisements, Lin Wanwan boarded Lu Zhanbeis personal plane to head back to Xia country. Gu Yien hitched a ride as well.

In the lounge with an elegant environment, it took Gu Yien a long time to calm down from the shock. She could not help but grab Lin Wanwans hand, full of excitement.

"Wanwan, whats your boyfriends background?! He can afford a private plane and even owns a route from abroad to the country. This isnt something ordinary people can do!"

"I dont know either."

Though Lin Wanwan was telling the truth, it looked to Gu Yiens eyes that she was simply not willing to reveal too much to her. She could not help but bite her lip. "I really envy you. Your acting career is booming and your boyfriends so perfect. Youre a life winner."