Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 530

Chapter 530 Ive Helped Him Make A Decision

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"As long as you work hard, anyone can become a life winner. Oh right, my agent sent me a few scripts. I took a look at them yesterday and found a role thats suitable for you. Ive already gotten him to secure an audition opportunity for you. Wait for the notice."

Gu Yien was grateful. "Youve helped me so much. I really dont know how to thank you."

"Just work hard and use your capabilities to prove that I didnt find the wrong person."

"I will!"

A few hours later, the plane landed in the Imperial Capital.

Lin Wanwan sent Gu Yien off in a taxi and she headed to Yun Mansion together with Lu Zhanbei.

When she entered the living room, she saw Fu Zhinian sitting on the sofa with his head lowered. He looked so gloomy that mushrooms were about to grow on his head.

Tian Ba squatted next to his leg and used its tongue to lick his hand from time to time.

"Xiao Niannian, dog, Im back!"


Tian Ba barked. Fu Zhinian came back to life in a second as well. His clear eyes revealed a desire and anticipation that could not be concealed.

Lin Wanwan walked over quickly and touched their heads. "Did you miss me?"


"I did!"

A human and a dog responded at the same time. Lin Wanwan was so happy that she laughed out loud.

Lu Zhanbei, who was standing behind her, witnessed this scene and his eyebrows softened.

Fu Zhinian tugged on Lin Wanwans sleeve fearfully. "Wanwan, Im starting school in five days."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. "What school did you enroll into?"

"The Imperial Capital University."

"Thats great! Its the number one university in the country. Its ranked internationally too."

Fu Zhinian quietly looked at Lu Zhanbei. Seeing that Lu Zhanbei didnt even look at him from the corner of his eye, his face sank and he looked toward Lin Wanwan.

"Can you accompany me on the first day of school?"


Lin Wanwan was a little hesitant. Now that she was slightly famous, if she suddenly appeared at the university, the media would definitely make a big fuss over this.

She planned to tactfully reject him. However, when she saw Fu Zhinians careful gaze, she changed her words.

"No problem. Ill accompany you."

Upon hearing this, he smiled and used the corner of his eye to glance at Lu Zhanbei.

Lin Wanwan understood it too. "Your brother will accompany you too."

Lu Zhanbei felt helpless. He would be a little busy that day.

He was about to say something when Fu Zhinians fearful gaze landed on him. He blinked and looked very affectionate.

Lin Wanwan slammed the table and said domineeringly, "Your brother has no right to express his opinions. Ive helped him make a decision!"

Lu Zhanbei sighed and compromised, "Ok, well go together."

Fu Zhinian looked at the two of them. He seemed to own the whole world in those moments.

Lin Wanwan didnt stay for long. She rushed non-stop to the winery, wanting to give Si Han a souvenir. However, she saw Ruan Baoer there.

She wore the type of maid outfit that was common in animes and was wiping the floor, sweating buckets.

Si Han lay lazily on the sofa. He was leisurely drinking red wine and flipping through the latest beauty magazine.


There were so many things to complain about, but she didnt know where to start.

Lin Wanwan didnt know if she should scold Si Han for drinking again or complain to the queen of destruction Ruan Baoer about actually being willing to be ordered around.

She didnt believe Si Han would not be aware that Ruan Baoers identity was not ordinary.

He actually dared to order around a Missy from an unknown source as if she were a maid? Wasnt he afraid of being hated?

"Cough, cough, cough."

Lin Wanwan coughed a few times to make her presence known.

"Sister Ball"

Once Ruan Baoer saw her, her facial features became filled with grievances. She wanted to pounce over to seek comfort but was interrupted by Si Han.

"As a maid, why arent you serving tea when a visitors here?"

" Yes."