Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 531

Chapter 531 An Unexpected Windfall

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Surprisingly, Ruan Baoer actually went to make tea obediently.

Lin Wanwan asked in shock, "What situation is this?"

Si Han said lazily, "Someone wanted to play with my feelings and said that she was willing to do anything for me. Coincidentally, I needed someone to take care of my cleaning. Thankfully, you have taught her well. If not, I wouldnt have dared to let her enter."

Lin Wanwan was speechless in despair. In order to conquer Si Dada, Baoer had really gone all out.

"Oh right, have you seen the news on the Internet?"

"Not yet. However, Yien mentioned it to me."

A tourist from Xia country had filmed the incident wherein Lin Wanwan had lectured that middle-aged woman for throwing litter on the beach and posted it on the Internet.

After two days of saturation, it had made it to the hot searches on Weibo.

A national platform that propagates positive energy news had also broadcast this piece of news. Lin Wanwan was complimented by the mayor and became one of the representative figures among university students.

Lin Wanwan didnt expect that her unintentional actions could trigger a chain reaction.

Si Han said, "You dont have to be surprised. Everyone loves face, let alone a country. Although you did something small, it managed to preserve a lot of face to some extent."

Xia country was a magical country.

Aggressive fights often happened among their own people at times. However, in terms of patriotism, they were definitely one of the best.

Lin Wanwans actions had successfully gotten those patriotic youths to develop favorable opinions of her. The number of Weibo fans were also increasing at a positive rate.

This overseas trip actually brought such an unexpected windfall. Lin Wanwan felt that she had benefited tremendously.

She and Si Han chatted about some work arrangements. During this period, Ruan Baoer stood at the side with her brows lowered, actually looking quite pleasing to the eye.

Before leaving, Lin Wanwan gave her a look that said, "Baoer, go for it!"

Ruan Baoer was about to respond when Si Han gave an order in a lazy voice, "Come over here and knead my legs."

She threw Lin Wanwan a look of perseverance and squatted down in front of Si Han to knead his legs.

Lin Wanwan shook her head and left the winery.

It was the arts examination the next day. As the topmost academy of its kind, the Imperial Capital Film Academy attracted many people who aspire to be celebrities to register every year.

Although Lin Wanwan already had some popularity, she still mingled in the crowd and queued like any other person.

Occasionally, when the reporters aimed their cameras at her, she would reveal a smile in cooperation.

The arts examination, which had a high elimination rate, was not considered difficult by Lin Wanwan. She very easily passed all the examinations.

Once the arts examination ended, she gave Gu Yien a call. As she had guessed, Gu Yien had also passed the examination.

It was already the day before the Imperial Capital University started school when Lin Wanwan finished settling her own matters.

Lin Wanwan had just appeared at the entrance of Yun Mansion when Fu Zhinian greeted her.

"I thought you forgot about our agreement." As he said this, there was a trace of grievance in his tone.

"Xiao Niannians so cute. How could I lie to you?"

Lin Wanwan felt that she was completely treating him like a kid in need of coaxing.

Not only was Fu Zhinians second personality not a fool, his IQ was also high. He could easily distinguish between good and evil in the outside world.

It was just that he lacked communication skills with people all year round, which caused him to be more introverted and timid and not that good with words.

When he felt that Lin Wanwan was being sincere to him, his face immediately revealed a very big smile.

He was so easily satisfied

Lin Wanwan silently sighed in her heart. When she looked at his flamboyant red hair, she could not help but frown.

"Xiao Niannian, do you mind changing your hairstyle?"

His demeanor didnt really match his character of a cute little puppy.

Fu Zhinian blinked. "Do you want me to change it?"