Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 533

Chapter 533 Please Take Care Of Me From Now On My Girlfriend

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She practically squeezed out these words from the gaps between her teeth.

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips and smiled. The smile on his face was like spring flowers over snow. It was so beautiful that one could forget how to breathe.

After waiting for so long, he had finally received this sentence.

He looked at Lin Wanwans eyes, revealing a rare gentleness.

"I like you too. I like you a lot."

"" Someones behavior was disappointing while the anger in her heart dissipated by more than half.

Fu Zhinian was happy at the side. Then, he mustered up the courage and looked at Lu Zhanbei. His shining eyes were full of expectations.

"Brother, then do you like me?"


Fu Zhinian lowered his head. The corners of his lips were about to reach the tips of his ears.

Lu Zhanbei walked to Lin Wanwan and bowed lightly. "Please take care of me from now on, my girlfriend."

Lin Wanwan glared at him with annoyance and embarrassment. "Before I congratulate you for getting your wish, I would like to say, Boyfriend, your way of persuasion is simply too unromantic."

"Do you know what is considered romantic in my heart?"

"Eh? Tell me."

Lu Zhanbei blew out a breath of air near her ear ambiguously and whispered, "The most romantic thing I can think of is to use up all the postures with you in bed."


Damn! This hooligans level of dirty-mindedness had exceeded the meter!

Lin Wanwan flew into a rage out of humiliation and pushed him. "Get out!"

Lu Zhanbei swept his fingers across her red ear tips and didnt cross the line. He smiled lightly and left.

The burdensome question that had been plaguing him for a long time had finally been resolved satisfactorily. There was even a wind when Lu Zhanbei walked. Before stepping out of the door, he didnt forget to throw an appreciative look at Fu Zhinian.

It wasnt too bad to raise a younger brother up.

After Lu Zhanbei left, Lin Wanwan continued to give Fu Zhinian a haircut.

"Is it too short?"

A few minutes later, she looked at the short hair she had cut and could not help but frown.

Fu Zhinian looked at himself in the mirror and shook his head in all seriousness. "No, its nice."

"As long as you think its nice."

Lin Wanwan had not learned this before. Based on her experience of managing her own hair, the effect of the hair she cut was still considered ok.

Fu Zhinians looks were exquisite and flamboyant. He had slightly raised eyebrows and a high nose bridge. His facial features were sharp and distinct, and they looked awe-inspiring. Coupled with his main personalitys character, he was simply a living deity.

Now that he had changed his style and an obedient, introverted, and cute little puppy lived in his heart, he immediately became harmless and transformed into a handsome youth.

"Not bad."

Lin Wanwan nodded in satisfaction, and Fu Zhinian returned a cute smile to her.

Both of them had strands of loose hair on their bodies. Lin Wanwan sent Fu Zhinian to the bathroom and headed to the masters bedroom to shower.

After changing into a comfortable bathrobe, Lin Wanwan found Lu Zhanbei in the study.

"What are you doing?"

Lu Zhanbei nestled himself lazily in the sofa and held a book in his hand. "Learning."

Lin Wanwan walked over to take a look and immediately flushed red.

He was actually reading porn! And it was a limited edition!

"What are you reading this for!"

"Ive already said it. To learn." After all, he had no prior experience.

Lin Wanwan snatched it away and said in a bad temper, "Isnt it more convenient to watch porn movies?"

The word "disdain" was written all over Lu Zhanbeis face. "I wont look at other womens bodies."

Only then did Lin Wanwans anger turn into joy. It was just that when she thought of Fu Zhinian, her heart felt heavy again.

"When will the real Fu Zhinian return?"

"You miss him?"

"Of course not."

To be honest, she preferred the cute little puppy now. However, the main personality was Lu Zhanbeis brother.