Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 534

Chapter 534 Three Handsome Men Hand In Hand

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Lu Zhanbei said plainly, "That depends on himself. I cant help him. What I can do is respect him and help strengthen his will."

Lin Wanwan suddenly realized that it wasnt that Lu Zhanbei didnt care about Fu Zhinian. It was just that his emotions were too restrained and he wasnt used to expressing them.

"Lets not talk about this." Lu Zhanbei changed the topic and said in all seriousness, "Today is the day you make me your official boyfriend. Lets make something to celebrate?"

"What shall we make?"


Lin Wanwan snorted, "Boyfriend, you have to learn to be content. In view of your bad behavior of forcing me, Ive decided to deprive you of the ability to quench your thirst. Next time, if you feel empty, you can get your little wife to service you."

Lu Zhanbei was slightly stunned. "I dont have a little wife, though?"

Lin Wanwan held up his two fingers. "Here, they are willing to service you twenty-four hours a day."

Lu Zhanbei was speechless. ""

As she appreciated his speechless expression, Lin Wanwan continued to rub salt in his wound. "Oh right, remember to buy them gifts for Valentines Day. For instance, hand cream. Hahaha!"

After she laughed her fill, she took off and ran.

Lu Zhanbei held his forehead helplessly. The curvature of his thin lips was a full arc.

The next day, Lin Wanwan put on a full disguise and dressed herself as a boy to accompany Fu Zhinian to report to the Imperial Capital University.

Lu Zhanbei wore a light-colored casual outfit and wore a pair of black sunglasses. The half-face that was exposed to the public was extremely handsome. Seeing him like this coupled with that innate temperament, every girl who walked past him could not help but throw him looks of admiration.

Lin Wanwan walked in the middle. She held Fu Zhinian with one hand and Lu Zhanbei with the other.

The appearance of three equally good-looking men who had different styles at the school gate immediately attracted the attention of everyone.

Lin Wanwans disguise was flawless. No one recognized her.

"Heh heh" Lin Wanwan suddenly laughed out loud inexplicably.

"Why are you laughing to yourself alone?"

"I just suddenly thought of a song." Lin Wanwan cleared her throat and sang in a low voice, "A chicken in the left hand, a duck in the right hand"

She was having fun singing while Lu Zhanbei was listening helplessly. Suddenly, a few excited whispers traveled over.

"Take a look quickly! There are three handsome men there holding hands. They must be gay!"

"It must be because they have a series of grievances with each other, thats why none of them could be separated. As such, they decided to live together and be free from attacks!"

"The hero sees it the same!"

"" Lin Wanwan could not sing any further. There was a crow that flew over her head.

Seeing that more people were joining in the discussions, Lin Wanwan pulled the two of them and fled.

Fu Zhinian finished his admission procedures and the three of them went to the male hostel.

Although Lu Zhanbei didnt intend to let Fu Zhinian stay on the campus, Lin Wanwan felt that there was no harm to prepare a bed for him in school. When he wasnt feeling well, he could use it to rest.

On the way, Lin Wanwan told Fu Zhinian that he could make friends after going to school. His mood changed from the initial perturbation to anticipation, and he practically pushed open the door of hostel 412 eagerly.

There was a boy who was packing his bed inside.

"Youre Fu Zhinian, the one whos staying together with me?"

The boys side glance was quite unfriendly and even carried with it malicious intent.

Fu Zhinian felt it almost immediately. The desire in his eyes turned into desolation.


The boy was happy. One look at this Fu Zhinian and he could tell that he was a soft persimmon easy to bully.

He walked over casually, looking proud.