Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 535

Chapter 535 The Sister In Law Protects The Brother

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"Before you come in, let me tell you some things first. Number one, from today onward, I, Wan Peiyang, am the boss of this hostel. You are the same as those two former goods my underlings. Number two, I dont like to do chores. In the future, you will have to take water, wash clothes, and stack the quilts for me. You have nothing to say to this, right?"

Fu Zhinian rubbed his lips lightly. "I dont want to."

Wan Peiyang waved his fists. "Then do you want to try the taste of my fists?"

As he finished his words, he pulled Fu Zhinian. "Go and make my bed now!"

Unprepared for this, Fu Zhinian was dragged along.

"Go quickly!" Wan Peiyang lifted his leg and was about to kick him.

Coincidentally, Lin Wanwan, whod followed in, witnessed this scene. Without thinking, she kicked his buttocks.


Wan Peiyang fell and lay sprawled on the floor. Lin Wanwan lifted his collar, as if holding on to a brat.

"You dare to bully my brother. Arent you deserving of a beating?!"

As Wan Peiyang struggled, he shouted arrogantly, "So what if I bully him? If you have the capability, hit me. Dont blame me, the young master, for not warning you in advance. If you dare to hit me, my family will never let you off!"

Oh, it looked like this brat didnt come from a simple background.

Lin Wanwan calmly looked at the surroundings of the hostel. After that, her eyes shone, as if having found something.

She was about to go over but her hand was still holding a brat. She was feeling troubled when Lu Zhanbei, who was standing at the door, received Wan Peiyang over.

"Leave it to me."


Lin Wanwan walked to the front of Wan Peiyangs bed and held up a light and thin laptop.

"Little a*shole, this is yours?"

"So what if it is!" After saying this, Wan Peiyang glared at Lu Zhanbei. "Let go of the young master quickly!"

Lin Wanwan turned on the laptop, and her slender fingers jumped around on the keyboard.

"Tsk." She laughed and walked to the front of Wan Peiyang. She pointed the screen toward his face. "Theres quite a number of good things theres a few GBs worth of resources. Your night lifes so exciting."

Wan Peiyangs handsome face instantly flushed red. He flew into a rage out of humiliation and roared, "Put them back!"

Lin Wanwan smiled playfully, used her finger to move the cursor to the resources, and selected the prompt to delete.

"Dont!" Wan Peiyang was anxious. "I have spent two years collecting all these. Many of them cant be found anymore. Dont delete them!"

Lin Wanwan cast a meaningful glance at him. "Its ok for me not to delete them. Let my brother be the boss. You take water, wash clothes, and stack the quilts for him."

"***!" Wan Peiyang hurled vulgarities.

"Not willing to?"

Lin Wanwan gave Wan Peiyang a side glance and was about to hit delete.

Wan Peiyang, who was red in the face, shouted, "Dont delete them! I promise Ill do it."

"How obedient."

Lin Wanwan returned the laptop to him and signaled Lu Zhanbei to let him go.

Wan Peiyang, whod obtained freedom, checked on the precious resources first. Then, upon thinking that he had inexplicably become a weak underling, he was so angry that he said ruthless words to Lin Wanwan.

"You little a*shole. Wait and see. Ill never let you off!"

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan to say anything, Lu Zhanbei smiled coldly. "Who wont you let off?"

He took off his sunglasses, and his exquisite face was revealed.

"Wan Peiyang, even your grandfather wouldnt dare to say such words in front of me. Youre really promising to have dared to bully my brother."

Wan Peiyang stared fixedly at his pair of iconic phoenixes. After opening and closing his mouth for a long time, he stuttered.

"Lu Lu"