Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 536

Chapter 536 Im Male. My Preference Is Also Male

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Wan Peiyang cried without tears. Why didnt this god stay in the sky instead of suddenly coming over to a university campus?

"Im sorry. I didnt know Fu Zhinian is your brother. You must forgive me!"

Lu Zhanbei scoffed lightly. "Dont tell me such useless things. Let me ask you, who will be the one washing clothes and making meals in the future?"

"I will!"

"To clean up the room and stack the quilts?"

"I will!"

"Who is whose underling?"

" I am Fu Zhinians underling!"

"Remember your words today."

Lu Zhanbei could not be bothered with him and held Lin Wanwans hand. "Lets go."

Lin Wanwan signaled Fu Zhinian to follow up. The three of them left the hostel.

Only when their back views had disappeared did Wan Peiyang wipe off the cold sweat from his face. He was deep in thought.

He seemed to have realized an incredible secret!

No wonder Lu Zhanbei didnt have any scandalous rumors before. It turned out that he was male and his preference was also male!

On the road, Fu Zhinian was like a child with admiration in his eyes. "Wanwan, youre amazing!"

"No problem." Lin Wanwan patted his shoulder and asked, "However, Lu Zhanbei, why is it that that hooligan could recognize you but not know that Xiao Niannian is your brother? Also, why dont the two of you have the same surname?"

"He followed his mothers surname and never appeared in public before. Most people even think that Im the only one in the Lu family."

"I see"

After reaching Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan was playing mobile games with Fu Zhinian when Lu Zhanbei walked over and said, "Shen Zhiyi asked me out tonight for a gathering and asked for me to bring you along."

"Ok, Ill come along then."

"Ive already told her youre not free."

" Why?" She was obviously very free today.

"Its obvious she has ill intentions toward you."

Seeing that he had a look that said he was defending against a love rival, Lin Wanwan could not help but twitch her lips.

Wasnt Shen Zhiyi suspected of being her love rival? Why did she become Lu Zhanbeis now? This development was too puzzling.

"Dont throw a kids tantrum. Im very bored today. Lets go together tonight."

"Then you better stay away from her. Once Shen Zhiyi sees beautiful women, she wont budge. Be careful not to be taken advantage of."

This was the first time Lin Wanwan had actually heard Lu Zhanbei badmouthing someone. There was simply no difference between him and a kid who ratted on others.

In the evening, both of them headed out. As they reached the main door, Lin Wanwan turned around inadvertently and saw a sneaky shadow.

"Xiao Niannian?!" she shouted tentatively.

The black shadow walked out slowly. Fu Zhinian rubbed his clothes uneasily and said, "Im sorry I just wanted to watch you leave"

In the darkness, his slender and lonely figure looked exceptionally vulnerable.

Lin Wanwan waved at him. "Come on. Lets go together."

Fu Zhinian immediately ran to her side. He didnt forget to carefully glance at Lu Zhanbei. Seeing that he didnt seem to be angry, he sat in the backseat at Lin Wanwans instructions.

The car sped along. Lin Wanwan had gone to Jing Tong Que Ground Palace only once. She was appreciating the luxurious and elegant decorations of the surroundings excitedly.

At this moment, a casual and familiar female voice traveled to her ears.

"This beautiful lady, your beauty has caused me to lose my way. Can you bring me to room 302?"

Lin Wanwan saw a woman wearing black leather pants and rivet boots. She was dressed in a punk style and was holding the hand of a beautiful waitress.