Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 537

Chapter 537 A Vicious Way To Destroy A Flower

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"Su sure." The waitresss face was flushed red. She couldnt resist the other partys attack and could only nod quietly.

"Im very grateful."

An empty kiss landed on the back of the waitresss hand. Although there was no physical contact, it was even more flirtatious than a real kiss.

Lin Wanwan, who witnessed this scene, could not help but sigh. She was so handsome!

Just when the young girls heart inside her was slowly awakening, Lu Zhanbei called out coldly, "Shen Zhiyi, why are you being crazy again?"

The flirting woman turned her head. She looked past Lu Zhanbei and stared fixedly at Lin Wanwan, who was petrified.

A stunning smile blossomed slowly on her beautiful face. She elegantly walked over and pulled out a rose from a flower vase on the wall.

In the end, she stood still in front of Lin Wanwan.

"Fresh flowers to complement the beauty." She handed over the rose in her hand.

What should she do! Looking into that pair of dazzling eyes, Lin Wanwan actually had the urge to blush!

She was about to receive the flower when Lu Zhanbei stepped in and removed all the petals in no time.

What a vicious way to destroy a flower!

"Oh please."

Shen Zhiyi snorted coldly in disdain. When she turned to look at Lin Wanwan, she put on a gentle smile.

"Lu Zhanbei said you werent free. It turned out that you wanted to give me a surprise."

Lin Wanwan recovered herself and coughed once. "Hello, Sister Zhiyi."

Shen Zhiyi smiled lightly and wanted to hold her hand.

Lu Zhanbei stepped forward and grabbed her waist, as if declaring sovereignty. He didnt even look at Shen Zhiyi from the corner of his eye. "Lets go."

"Youre so narrow-minded!" Shen Zhiyi pouted and followed up.

As she walked past the waitress, she threw a flirtatious look at her. "See you in my dreams."

The waitress nodded shyly.

Lin Wanwan, who inadvertently turned her head, witnessed this scene and couldnt help but cover her eyes.

Lu Zhanbei was considered to be good at flirting. However, compared to Shen Zhiyi

"Sigh!" Lin Wanwan sighed.

Lu Zhanbei stared at her warningly. "If you dare to climb over the wall, Ill make sure you never see the sun outside for the rest of your life."


Room 302

Shen Zhiyi had just pushed open the door when Mo Chens voice traveled over.

"Zhiyi, you said that youve arrived here an hour ago. Why did it take you so long to come over? You couldnt have lost your way, right?"

"I havent been here for years, so I accidentally forgot my way."

"Oh please. Be more direct. Just admit that youre an idiot on the road."

"Im just not very good at directions," Shen Zhiyi corrected him as she walked into the room. She looked at Mo Chen and couldnt shift her gaze away.

"Xiao Chenchen, I havent met you for a few days. Why has your face changed? Did you go for cosmetic surgery? Thats quite a fast recovery."

Mo Chen, who was initially half-lying on the sofa, sprung in front of her in no time.

"My dear Ms. Shen, just because I cut my hair short and changed into another set of clothes, you cant recognize me? Your face blindness is getting more serious. Besides Brother Zhanbei, I bet you dont even have an impression of how your parents look like!"

Shen Zhiyi thought seriously for a while. "Two eyes, one nose"

"Stop, stop, stop. Hold it! Besides Brother Zhanbei, everyone looks the same to you!"

Lin Wanwan understood it now. The intelligent-looking Shen Zhiyi was actually an idiot on the road and suffered from face blindness.

What a huge contrast.

However, she didnt have a specific impression of her parents but could remember Lu Zhanbei

Lu Zhanbeis importance to her was self-evident.