Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 538

Chapter 538 Oh Oh Yes Yes

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Shen Zhiyi casually glanced at Lin Wanwan and her eyes shone. She smiled lightly.

"Nonsense. Its obvious youre the one with a common face. Ive only seen Wanwan once but I could recognize her with one look today. This shows that good-looking people can shine even in the dark. For instance, Wanwan. Even if an ugly person stands on the stage, he or she would look like an inconspicuous speck of dust. For instance, you."

Mo Chen could not be bothered to retaliate and looked at Lin Wanwan strangely. "She could really recognize you just now?"


Mo Chen slapped his thigh and was enlightened. "Damn! She wants both you and Brother Zhanbei! Shameless, too shameless!"


Shen Zhiyi hit the back of Mo Chens head. "Continue nagging. Do you think I wont sew your mouth?"

Mo Chen rubbed his head. "Fine. You guys chat first. Ill get the manager to bring over a few bottles of good wine. The wine in this cabinet is trash."

Not too long later, Mo Chen returned with a few bottles of wine.

"The three of us havent gathered for a long time."

Mo Chen sighed. After that, he saw Shen Zhiyi looking at Lu Zhanbei, who was chatting with Lin Wanwan. Her eyes were dark and unpredictable, and his heart skipped a beat. He quickly found a topic to talk about.

"Zhiyi, youre the same age as Brother Zhanbei. Hes finally no longer single. How about you? Have you found your prince charming overseas?"

Shen Zhiyi looked up at the ceiling. "I havent. Instead, I became the prince charming who saved princesses a couple of times. What kind of world is this?"

Mo Chen was speechless. ""

Damn, he couldnt chat with her any longer! Shen Zhiyi must be boasting about her having more relationships than him!

Once Mo Chen shut up, the atmosphere cooled down.

In the end, Shen Zhiyi broke the silence. "We havent seen each other for a few years and have grown slightly apart. Lets play a game to find back the feelings from the past, shall we?"

Mo Chen continued, "What game?"

"Oh, a world-renowned game."

This got Lin Wanwan curious too. She was about to listen carefully when she heard Shen Zhiyi said, "Scissors, paper, stone."

Lin Wanwans and Mo Chens lips twitched.

"This will be a two on two battle. One round to determine the winner. The winner can make a request and the loser must fulfill it."

Mo Chen was now interested. "Sure, Ill go first. Lin Wanwan, I challenge you. Do you accept?"

Lin Wanwan rolled up her sleeves. "Lets go!"

In the first round, Mo Chen looked at the scissors Lin Wanwan displayed and proudly waved his fist. "Ive won. No need for you to do anything. I just need you to answer a question."

"Ask ahead."

Mo Chen squeezed his eyes ambiguously. "What stage are you at with Brother Zhanbei right now? Have you guys oh, oh yes, yes yet?"

What kind of question was this!

Lin Wanwan replied with all honesty, "No."

Upon hearing this, a glimmer of light flashed past Shen Zhiyis eyes.

Mo Chen glanced at Lu Zhanbei with a complicated look. "Brother, you cant?!"

Lu Zhanbei shrugged his shoulders, not caring one bit. "Even if I cant, Im still stronger than someone whos currently single."

Mo Chen was shot in the knees and his heart was aching.

Good for him!

"Xiao Chenchen, dont be sad. Sister will help you out."

Shen Zhiyi comforted him and raised her eyebrow, challenging Lu Zhanbei. "Do you dare play with me?"

"Why would I not dare to?" Lu Zhanbei leaned in and whispered to Lin Wanwan. "What should I show?"

Lin Wanwan casually answered him, "Scissors."

Lu Zhanbei and Shen Zhiyi reached out at the same time and victory was determined. Lu Zhanbei had lost completely.