Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 539

Chapter 539 Let Me Give A Kiss

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"" Lin Wanwan held her forehead. This game was really not her forte.

Mo Chen was happy as he said, "Zhiyi, youre fantastic. Werent you afraid he would be distracting you?"

Shen Zhiyi said with a smile, "Ive known him since we were young. Would I not know how he thinks?"

Sensing the intimacy in her words, Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips lightly.

Shen Zhiyi then said, "Zhanbei, you cant refuse now that youve lost."

Lu Zhanbei said, "What do you want me to do?"

Shen Zhiyi swirled the wine cup in her hands. Her beautiful eyebrows looked a little dull in the dim environment.

After a long while, she lifted her head and looked straight at him. Her red lips moved lightly, "Let me give a kiss."

As her words fell, the entire room fell into dead silence.

Mo Chen jumped up agitatedly. "Shen Zhiyi, have you gone crazy?!"

The three of them had grown up together and understood Lu Zhanbeis character very well.

He would never get into an ambiguous relationship with any woman, let alone now that he was already together with Lin Wanwan. Even if he were still single, Shen Zhiyis action was enough to anger him.

Even the famous Ms. Shen from the Imperial Capital would not be able to pay the price for angering him.

Even if Shen Zhiyi liked Lu Zhanbei, she shouldnt have used such a method in front of his official girlfriend.


Shen Zhiyi pointed at her lips with her index finger. Her clear eyes swept past the calm Lu Zhanbei and finally landed on Lin Wanwan.

She rubbed her red lips tightly, and a layer of coldness covered her palm-sized face.

Shen Zhiyi laughed lightly. She stood up and walked to the front of both of them. "Looks like you dont want to abide by the rules of the game. Cant you afford to lose?"

Lin Wanwan squinted both eyes slightly. It looked like this woman was indeed interested in Lu Zhanbei.

It was just that, wasnt such a method too despicable?

Lu Zhanbei met Shen Zhiyis deep gaze. Surprisingly, he wasnt angry and asked plainly, "Are you sure?"

"Very sure. Let me ask you. Do you allow me the kiss?"

"I do."

After Lu Zhanbei finished saying this, Mo Chen immediately exclaimed "Damn!" in shock.

Lin Wanwan raised her eyebrow. Then, she heard him continue saying, "As long as you dare to."

These words were chilling to the bones.

Mo Chens eyelids jumped. Without waiting for anyone to stop her, Shen Zhiyi had already bent down and was in a posture ready to kiss Lu Zhanbei.

"Then look carefully. See if I dare."

Lu Zhanbei didnt move at all. Lin Wanwan was really anxious now.

This was her man. How could she let other women touch him!

Lin Wanwan was about to take action when Shen Zhiyi suddenly changed direction and planted a featherlight kiss on Lin Wanwans left face at the speed of lightning.



Lin Wanwan was stunned.

What happened? Was she dreaming?

Lu Zhanbeis calm look was swept away. He pulled Lin Wanwan into his arms and used his palm full of callouses to wipe hard at the skin that had been kissed by Shen Zhiyi.

Only when she could not help but frown did Lu Zhanbei finally stop.

"Shen Zhiyi, I think you must be tired of living!"

Shen Zhiyi ignored his threat. Instead, she raised her eyebrow in challenge. "Didnt you agree for me to give a kiss? I meant for me to kiss Wanwan, not you. Dont be too narcissistic."

Mo Chen was also shocked by these words. After a long time, he leaned toward Shen Zhiyi and asked, "How did it feel?"

Shen Zhiyi licked her mouth, as if reminiscing the aftertaste. "Its fine and smooth. It has one of the best feels among all the women Ive kissed."

Lin Wanwan touched the cheek that had been kissed and was speechless.