Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 54

Chapter 54 There Is Someone He Liked

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Lu Zhanbei facepalmed himself; his eyes showed a little annoyance. “Where is that troublemaker?”

“Sir, you are planning to help?”

Ignoring Gu Mo’s thrilled expression, Lu Zhanbei said three words.

“She cannot die.”

Gu Mo understood.

Zhao Lin was by no means a kind soul. Last year, he took a few young models to a party and got so high that he killed one of them on the spot.

If Lin Wanwan landed in his hands, she definitely wouldn’t come back whole.

Minutes later, the pair came to the road with phoenix trees at the sides.

It was late at night, no one was in their sight, cars drove past occasionally at a high speed.


Lu Zhanbei heard a strange voice. As he sought the source, he walked across a garden to the opposite side of the road.

Under the faint moonlight, Lu Zhanbei got a clear view of what was happening.

Two built men were tied up against the trees. Their only clothes left was their undergarments.

Their snot was running as they trembled in the harsh wind.

Standing before the two was a girl with long hair. She was whipping the two men with a thick stick.


Screams echoed as she whipped each of them.

“Who sent you?”

“For goodness’ sake, madam, please stop beating us”

The two men felt solemn like never before.

At first, they thought that kidnapping a teenager would be a piece of cake. Little did they know that this teenager not only excelled in self-defense but also brought a weapon with her. She didn’t even break a sweat bringing them down.

Looking at the two who were on the verge of crying, Gu Mo showed his disgust, “Embarrassing.”

Lu Zhanbei squinted his eyes. ‘Embarrassing indeed.’

However, no matter how poor their skills were, a tiny girl like Lin Wanwan should have no way of retaliating.

How did she beat them?

Even if she had been acting foolish all this while, she wouldn’t have had the chance to learn self-defense.

“It’s Mr. Lu”

One of the men said softly. They wouldn’t dare to tell the truth as they feared Zhao Lin. Since Lu Zhanbei wasn’t here, they wanted to use his name to scare Lin Wanwan.

They weren’t exactly wrong. Zhao Lin wouldn’t have done this if not to ingratiate himself with Lu Zhanbei.

Mr. Lu?

Lin Wanwan frowned, she only knew one person with Lu as his surname.

“Lu Zhanbei?”


Lin Wanwan was speechless. Lu Zhanbei, who was hearing this behind the scene, didn’t know how to react to this ridiculous accusation.

Gu Mo mocked, “Sir, when did you get people to kidnap her? Why didn’t you tell me? Also, I will never accept these losers as our men!”


Lin Wanwan whipped them again. The pain brought tears to their eyes.

“Tell me the truth or I’ll castrate you!”

The two felt shivers running down a particular area, “It is the truth”


Lin Wanwan was spent; she rested herself on a rock.

“Tell me then, why did Lu Zhanbei want to kidnap me?”

“ Mr. Lu is into you.”

Ignoring the fact that he had become the butt of Gu Mo’s hysterical laughter, Lu Zhanbei scoffed.

As he was about to step out, Lin Wanwan spoke again.

“There is no way Lu Zhanbei is into me.”


“He has someone that he likes.”

“” Lu Zhanbei halted his steps. His handsome face displayed shock for the first time.

Gu Mo wanted to laugh. He had been following Lu Zhanbei since he was young, but he had never seen him being interested in any woman.

From daughters of prestigious families to models and celebrities, so many women were throwing themselves into his arms, yet he had shown no interest.

Especially in the past two years, he was so unbothered that Gu Mo was worried he would become a monk.