Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 540

Chapter 540 A Mans True Colors. Im More Lecherous Than A Man

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Lu Zhanbei looked sinisterly at Shen Zhiyi. "You have become more capable after staying in Country M for a few years, eh? Good job at making a feint to the east but attacking in the west."

"Thanks for the compliment."

It was as if Shen Zhiyi couldnt detect the coldness in his tone. Her flirtatious gaze landed on Lin Wanwans face again. "Its your fault you have good taste. Its a mans true colors. I, Shen Zhiyi, am more lecherous than a man. Its considered reasonable that I have not kept myself under control."

"" This warped reasoning can really make one speechless!

Lu Zhanbei snorted and said, "I have plenty of chances to get even with you for this."

He held Lin Wanwans wrist. "Lets go."

Shen Zhiyi wrapped her arms around her chest. "You shouldnt be angry, right? Being so narrow-minded is not likable."

"I dont need you to like me." Lu Zhanbei rebutted without thinking.

Shen Zhiyi touched her chin playfully. She could be considered to have found Lu Zhanbeis weakness.

"Fine. Im in the wrong for what happened just now. Let me tell you a piece of news to make it up to you. How about it?"

Lu Zhanbei scoffed lightly and didnt stop in his tracks.

Jiushangs intelligence network was spread all over the country. Need he be informed by her for whatever news he wanted to know?

Lu Zhanbei was about to walk out of the room when Shen Zhiyi said without panicking, "This piece of news is related to Wanwan."

After saying this, she counted silently in her heart.


Lu Zhanbei turned around and sat back on the sofa again. "Tell me."

Shen Zhiyi smugly raised her eyebrows, and her gaze landed on Lin Wanwan, as if appreciating a beautiful painting. Even if it was engulfed by Lu Zhanbeis sinister-looking eyes, she didnt shift her gaze.

"I promised your father Ill be a guest at the Lu family yesterday. He said that he will prepare a banquet for you in a while. He wanted me to tell you that if you are still alive, there will be three thousand beauties for you to choose from. If youre dead, he can change the banquet into a funeral to save trouble."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan thought it was ridiculous. Why was there a deja vu feel of one choosing a concubine?

It looked like Lu Zhanbeis father wanted to arrange a big blind date session for him so that he could choose a wife of equal social standing.

The strange thing was that that "if you are still alive, then" sounded both like a curse and a type of warning.

Lin Wanwan could not help but think of what Tang Chen had said to her before.

"I dont have parents and dont have any annoying relatives. If you get together with me, I have the confidence to make you an eternal queen. As for Lu Zhanbei you better be prepared to fight all the way up from the bottom. I will not help you in this matter."

It looked like the Lu family was indeed complicated.

Lu Zhanbei looked at Shen Zhiyi coldly. "Just like that?"

"Yes, just like that."

Lu Zhanbei laughed out loud. "I was thinking what it was. Im not surprised at all he said this."

Shen Zhiyi took a sip of wine. She seemed to have felt that the taste wasnt good and immediately put it down again.

"Im telling you on account of Wanwan. This is to make up to you for kissing her just now. Ok, I wont hold you back."

Even if Shen Zhiyi didnt say it, Lu Zhanbei knew it best in his heart. "Treat it that I owe you a favor this once. However, dont think of writing off the fact that you have taken advantage of my woman."

When the two of them were about to leave, Lin Wanwan turned and looked at Fu Zhinian, who had been quiet.

He was sitting in a corner with his head lowered. He spread his hands and was counting his fingers one by one. He looked serious and was still mumbling.

"1, 2 9,10. Ill count again. Brother and Wanwan will definitely notice me"