Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 541

Chapter 541 Sent To The Cold Palace And Given The Death Penalty

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Lin Wanwan felt a little guilty and waved at him. "Xiao Niannian, we are leaving."

A simple action immediately caused the cute little puppy to turn from a gloomy and lonely old man to a cheerful and smiling primary school student.

He naturally held Lin Wanwans hand and obediently followed behind her.

After walking out for a distance, Lin Wanwan was sharp-eared as she heard Mo Chen asking Shen Zhiyi, "You and Brother Zhanbei have a friendship formed in childhood. From the time youve become capable of thought, youve always said you would marry him. Tell me honestly, do you like him?"

Lin Wanwan stopped in her tracks. She actually had the urge to retrace the original route to eavesdrop on the answer.

She knew clearly in her heart how likable Lu Zhanbei was.

She never worried that Lu Zhanbei would have a change of heart. She also had an indifferent attitude toward her love rivals.

As long as Lu Zhanbei didnt change, nobody would become her love rival.

However, Shen Zhiyis appearance made her feel a sense of danger.

Shen Zhiyi was like a bright pearl whose light cannot be covered up. Lin Wanwan could not help but admit her splendor. Coupled with the fact that she and Lu Zhanbei had a friendship formed in childhood

Ok, Lin Wanwan admitted that this sense of danger originated from jealousy.

Lu Zhanbei felt Lin Wanwans depressed feelings the moment they formed and stopped in his tracks. Under her puzzled gaze, he spread her right hand and used a slender finger to draw a heart on her palm. Then, he slowly closed her five fingers into a fist and held it at his heart.

"Ive handed my heart to you. Keep it safe."

His gentle voice carried with it rock-solid determination.

Lin Wanwan was about to be brought off track, and her heart started to beat rapidly.

Lu Zhanbeis level of flirting went higher again

Her young girls heart was going to explode again

"Wanwan, Ill give you my heart too." Fu Zhinian blinked and held Lin Wanwans other hand. He repeated the same action.

Lu Zhanbeis handsome face darkened. "You dont have to. Its enough for one person to receive one heart."

Fu Zhinians shoulders collapsed and he looked pitifully at her. "You dont want my heart?"

Lin Wanwan was bought over by his shiny eyes. Despite Lu Zhanbeis warnings, she nodded. "Yes, yes, yes. Ill keep it safe!"

Fu Zhinian nodded shyly, and Lu Zhanbeis face turned darker.

Indeed, a younger brother was born to collect debts.

Upon returning to Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan grabbed Lu Zhanbeis tie and dragged him to the bedroom like a queen.

"Lu Zhanbei, it looks like you are hiding a lot of things from me."

Once her heart settled down, Lin Wanwan was also in the mood to throw small tantrums.

Looking at her half-smiling expression, Lu Zhanbei was not angry. Instead, he was a little happy.

She wouldnt take anything to heart. Once she really started to care, it meant that she really placed importance on that person in her heart.


Lin Wanwan forcefully pushed Lu Zhanbei into the swivel chair. Then, she sat on his lap and hit his shoulders.

"Your father is going to give you a concubine. I want to ask you, what position are you planning to give me?"


"What about the rest?"

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips and said in all seriousness, "Sent to the cold palace and given the death penalty."

"Chuckle!" Lin Wanwan could no longer control her stern expression and fell laughing into his arms.

After she finished laughing, Lu Zhanbei explained, "I didnt tell you about the Lu family matters as they are too complicated. You just have to understand that as long as Im around, you dont have to worry about anything."