Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 542

Chapter 542 I Promise Tonight Will Be Pure

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Lin Wanwan wasnt someone who was afraid of things. Since she had chosen Lu Zhanbei, she was long prepared for all difficulties.

"No buts."

Lu Zhanbeis tone was gentle but subtly commanding.

"If you really want to know, Ill tell you tomorrow. Its very late now. Go and rest."


Lin Wanwan was not in a hurry for this moment as well. She was about to leave Lu Zhanbeis arms when the man wrapped himself around her body overbearingly.

"Sleep together with me."

"" When this hooligan tried to take advantage of her, he really spared no effort.

"Lu Zhanbei, have you forgotten that Ive already deprived you of the ability to quench your thirst?"

"I promise, tonight will be pure."

Eventually, under Lu Zhanbeis incessant coaxing, Lin Wanwan compromised.

After the two of them showered, they lay on the bed with a long line dividing them in the middle.

After chatting for a while, Lin Wanwan mentioned that she was feeling sleepy. Just when she was about to enter dreamland, Lu Zhanbei got the servant to bring over a glass of milk.

"Drinking milk will help in sleeping."

Lin Wanwan was about to finish the contents in one go when she suddenly stopped. She looked up meaningfully.

"Indeed, it will help in sleeping. After all, theres sleeping pills inside."

Lu Zhanbei was stunned but didnt feel guilty. Instead, he looked calm. "You found out?"

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly. She had long suspected it.

The last time she was abroad, she had slept very soundly until dawn after drinking a cup of water handed to her by Lu Zhanbei.

She had already felt something was amiss then but didnt say it out loud. Only when Lu Zhanbei gave her a glass of milk just now without rhyme or reason did she understand everything.

Something must have happened the night she fell into a deep slumber. Similarly, something was going to happen tonight.

"Lu Zhanbei, I know youre trying to protect me, but Im not as weak as you think. Why do you have to hide it from me?"

"Dont be angry." Lu Zhanbei appeased her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "Since you already know about it, lets enjoy a good show tonight."

Night gradually fell deeper.

Two in the morning was when people felt the most tired. All the servants in Yun Mansion had fallen asleep. Only the bodyguards were patrolling nearby.

A door-like exit suddenly broke open from a fake rock in the garden. Men in black appeared quickly one by one.

They crossed the garden in a familiar wind-like manner, used high technology to open the door lock, and headed straight inside.

Under the moonlight, the weapons on their hands reflected cold luster.

The leader gave a hand signal and rushed to the second floor.

The other men followed closely behind and came to the front of the bedroom door. The man pushed lightly, and the unlocked door was pushed open.

He walked in quickly. Under the moonlight that was shining through the windows, two bulges could clearly be seen on the bed.

The man waved over another man. Both of them stood on each side of the big bed. One person was aiming at one bulge. Without the slightest noise, the muzzle came into contact with the quilt and three shots were fired!

Bam! Bam! Bam!

The silencers produced dull sounds that were not easily noticeable.

However, no blood seeped out from the bedsheets.

The mans expression changed, and he peeled open the quilt.

Two pillows with three holes in them lay quietly on the bed, as if mocking them for being so blind as to actually mistake pillows for humans.

"Leader, they must have hidden there!" One of the men pointed at the West wall, which was the secret entrance to the main bedroom.

"Chase!" Everyone held on to their weapons tightly and took turns to enter.

When the last person entered, a bang was heard and the secret door automatically closed.

"Damn, we were tricked!"