Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 543

Chapter 543 The Fight Between Father And Son

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The leaders reaction was very quick. He raised his gun and planned to break the door with violence.

With a slam, the glaring lights lit up and the entire secret passageway became as bright as white.

At the same time, an elegant and magnetic male voice sounded quietly. "Good night to you."

Almost instantly, the mans face turned cold and sweaty. The other men also looked nervous, and they looked ahead.

Lu Zhanbei stood at the other end of the passageway, wearing a black bathrobe. His hair was slightly messy, and they covered his beautiful phoenixes.

He laughed lightly, looking gentle and harmless. "Lu Tao, youre taking the Lu familys salary and actually assassinating me. Is this considered betrayal?"

The man called Lu Tao swept his eyes across the numerous bodyguards behind Lu Zhanbei. He forced himself to be calm and said, "No, I wouldnt dare and wouldnt betray the Lu family"

Lu Zhanbei seemed to not have understood. "Then can you explain to me what is going on?"

Lin Wanwan, who had mingled in the crowd, rolled her eyes. He was so good at pretending.

"Its, its" After stuttering for a long time, Lu Tao didnt manage to complete his sentence.

Lu Zhanbei seemed to have lost his patience. "Ill ask you one last thing. Do you want to live?"

"If Young Master is willing to let me live, of course I do."

Lu Tao as good as watched Lu Zhanbei grow up. He might look gentle and elegant, but he was more ruthless than anyone else in his bones.

"As long as you help me do one thing, I can forgive you for trying to assassinate me."

"Tell me."

"Kill the person who ordered you to do so."

"No!" the man blurted out, his face sweating more profusely. Looking into Lu Zhanbeis cold eyes, he struggled.

"Young Master, you obviously know who sent me here. I cant possibly lay a hand on him. I"

Lu Zhanbei didnt have the time to listen to his difficulties. "Ok, no deal."

As his words fell, the bodyguards behind him were immediately eager to take action!

Lu Tao saw through his intentions and his heart turned cold. He tried to stop him, "Young Master, please wait!"

He swept his eyes in a panic, and his sharp gaze fell on Lin Wanwan, who was among the crowd. He gritted his teeth and said, "Old Master hopes that you can marry a wife of equal social standing as the Lu family. Old Master already knows about you and Lin Wanwan and is very angry, thus"

Lu Zhanbei sneered, "Hes old so nobody wants him anymore. Thus, he wants me, his son, to sell my looks on his behalf?"

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Wow, Lu Zhanbei would really dare to say anything!

"Young Master"

"Go back and tell him that I have never fancied anything from the Lu family. If he really refuses to accept that hes old and wants to rely on selling me to improve his position, on account that we are father and son, I dont mind finding a professional to develop a strong dose of aphrodisiac as a form of respect."

Lin Wanwan held her forehead. Why didnt she realize in the past that Lu Zhanbei could shoot his mouth off like that? If his father heard this, it was estimated he would suffer from high blood pressure.

Compared to Lin Wanwans speechlessness, Lu Tao secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

Did this mean that Young Master was willing to let him off?

Thats true. After all, he was Old Masters man. Regardless, Young Master had to take that into account.

However, the next second, Lu Zhanbeis words were like a slap that hit his self-righteous face immediately.

"Im sorry. I forgot you wont have the chance to tell him."

Lu Taos face changed greatly. He stared as Lu Zhanbei raised his hand leisurely and his slender finger drew on the air lazily.